Culture themes

Culture theme

Any tags describing thematic elements based on cultures.

Bronze Age themeDepicts an era similar to that of before middles ages and likely before antiquity, but not necessarily predating recorded history as the real-world bronze age did.1987 / 201924 games
Chinese theme1984 / 201538 games
Ancient Egyptian themeUses an ancient Egyptian theme, but is not necessarily tied to the geographical location nor the historical culture in anything but appearance.1982 / 2017146 games
Greco-Roman themeIncludes a Greco-Roman setting, yet not necessarily tied to the geographical location(s) nor the historical culture(s) in anything but appearance.1985 / 201493 games
Japanese themeIncludes a Japanese theme, yet is not necessarily tied to the geographical location nor the actual culture in anything but appearance.1987 / 201422 games
MedievalUses a medieval setting, yet not necessarily tied to Europe in the middle ages nor the associated cultures.1974 / 20201045 games
Mesoamerican themeFeatures one or more of the tightly related pre-Columbian Mesoamerican cultures (Aztec, Mayan and Olmec) or otherwise uses a theme very much like them.1982 / 201584 games (3 characters)
Mesopotamian themeUses ancient Mesopotamian cultures as a thematic element.1980 / 20149 games
Mexican themeDepicts Mexican culture, folklore, customs, and such prominently.2005 / 20149 games
Old Arabian themePresents a theme similar to that of (pre) medieval Arabian peninsula and that of the Islamic Golden Age, covering an approximate time period from 7th century BCE till 16th century CE.1983 / 2018104 games
Oriental theme1984 / 201620 games
VictorianUses Victorian (1830s to 1900s British Empire) style setting, yet not necessarily tied to the British Empire nor the associated culture or time period(s).1990 / 201827 games