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A production & distribution company of Comics, movies, and TV (unlike companies such as Marvel or DC). However, popular association of franchises with DH is common.


The first video game about Dark Horse Entertainment was released on December 2000.

Konami has published all these games

This tag is meant for games based on works that are primarily handled by Dark Horse and always at the time of its publishing and always directly on material taken directly from a Dark Horse. Care should be taken no to tag a game if the material was not associated with Dark Horse at the time or if the material is not taken from a Dark Horse publishing.

While larger companies such as DC & Marvel own the characters and comics themselves, Dark Horse Comics publishes and or distributes 'creator owned' comics. Not just independent artists, other companies use Dark Horse, often in cases where they want to maintain tighter control over the material than would be practical with a company that owns its own work. That said, Dark Horse Comics is the largest publisher of independent comics and manga in North America.

Notable works from independent artists:
Sin City
Usagi Yojimbo
The Escapist

Notable works from other companies:
Star Wars
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Who Wants to be a Superhero?
The Mask
Barb Wire
El Zombo Fantasma
Conan the Barbarian

Other comics companies have used Dark Horse, even Marvel and DC. Its worth noting that there is no "Dark Horse Universe" as any mixing of the franchises they handle must be explicitly authorized by both parties. In the case of their most famous crossover, Alien vs Predator, 20th Century Fox owns both. At times, franchises have come and gone from Dark Horse to and from other independent publishers and the big guys. For instance, Dark Horse is only one of fourteen companies to handle G.I. Joe comics over the years. Likewise, the Transformers series.

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