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Rocket propelled grenades, missiles, torpedos, and other self-propelled explosive devices.


Alternate names: Missiles, RPGs, Torpedos
Name variations: Rocket launchers, Bazookas, RPG launchers

* Guided weapons - e.g. guided missiles, heat-seeking missiles, etc.
* Mobile bombs - another type of "self-propelled" explosive devices
Including other HE weapons that serve the same purpose but aren't propelled by rockets (such as photon torpedos from Star Trek).

Although technically torpedos have nothing to do with rockets, the function is sufficiently similar to belong to this tag (a self-propelled explosive device). One could argue otherwise that Air-to-Air, Air-to-Ground, Ground-to-Air (SAM), Air-to-Water (torpedo bombers), etc. would deserve their own tags too. These are usage limitations that are unrelated to the type of weapon.

Technically "rocket" does not include "guided missiles" because rocket is used to designate the unguided variety. For our (UVL) use this is however too exact. There would be need to designate guided bullets and other guided projectiles separately if such was the case.

The first Rockets video game was released on July 1971.

Electronic Arts, Activision and THQ published most of these games.

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Homing Missiles


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