Natural weapons

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Player can use natural abilities, limbs or similar that evolved to be used as weapons, including ability to spit poison and similar.


The first video game about Natural weapons was released in 1990.

Activision, Might and Delight and SSI has published most of these games

* Breath weapons
This should be besides hands, feet and teeth, but technically include them as well but if there's nothing unusual in them to distinguish them from unarmed combat then they aren't worth being included here.

Generally this is for things like scythe-like limbs, poison spit, and anything more unusual to be employed by a species for hunting, defense, or combat (although the last would likely involve genetic engineering or selective evolution). Antlers and other horns are found in animals that would fit the bill, as is the ability to spit certain special substances (besides plain saliva).

When the "naturally" occuring offensive or defensive capability starts to take features of an artificial weapon, it will have "outgrown" this category. Such as in Evolva where the player can shapeshift their characters' arms and bodies to incorporate large number of different organic projectile weapons. Living weapons and weapon implants should be considered instead.

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Breath weapons


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