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Includes weapons and other tools that are specialized for a specific purpose, far outperforming anything else in their field of specialization but often offering little else.


Name variations: specialised equipment

The first video game about Specialized equipment was released on April 4, 2011.

Should only be used when these are just another type of some other equipment you can have. Such as having a generic detector that detects everything, but then you'd have a specialized detector that shows only one kind of thing but it shows them reliably and clearly.

This can include even ammo types or such, where normal bullets/arrows would be useless against supernatural beings, but silver tipped variants would be extremely potent. Even better example would be vials of holy water which you toss at your enemies, "unholy" beings being devastated by them, but toss them at anything else and they do pretty much nothing notable.

As an example, EMP weapons are commonly only useful against robots or similar entities.

Cases where things only give small bonuses to fight their specialized targets should not count. For example "Demonslaying Sword +5" where it functions like regular +5 sword against everything else but gives additional +2 or +5 or even +10 against "demons".

As another example, bludgeons usually give bonus damage to undead and/or slimes. But they're still perfectly viable for killing everything else, thus not worth being included in this.


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