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Weapons or other tools that completely vaporize anything hit by them, or leave only vague dust behind.


The first video game about Disintegrators was released on November 1, 1997.

LucasArts, THQ and Nintendo has published most of these games

This often has the unfortunate side effect of also destroying any loot the targets may have had.

Should NOT be used in games where the targets of damage flicker out of existence regardless of the manner of death (a lot of older games, including some recent ones).

Note that disintegrations are theoretical only in the sense that the weapon disintegrates what they hit, not objects touched by whatever they use. So a disintegrator beam (particle weapon) would disintegrate anything hit by the beam, but not the whole person or battle tank just because an arm or track was hit as is often seen in fiction, you'd need to engulf the whole thing for that. But this doesn't invalidate their designation as disintegrators.