Video game concept

A container group for various effects, designs, contrivances, & such that manage how and what the player can see of the videogame world & its contents

Circadian cycleDay and night cycles on their own outside of plot, location, or triggered events, possibly influencing NPC activities accordingly.1979 / 2019460 games
Cloaked NPCsIncludes creatures that are either completely or partially invisible.1993 / 2017107 games
DarkThe environs are unusually dark, either because it's a perpetual night, you're stuck in a structure with limited light sources or anything else, forcing you to use any light source(s) you can find or cope with what little you can find in the env1972 / 2018393 games
DetectorPlayer must or can use special detectors that reveal things otherwise imperceptible.2001 / 201527 games
Distorted visionSomething can cause the protagonist's vision to get distorted or otherwise impaired. Especially cases where the vision is always distorted1994 / 2018216 games
FacingThe direction people, vehicles, or any other things are facing affects gameplay in some manner.1992 / 201889 games
Field of visionSimulates field of vision to a degree, making characters unable to see 360 degrees unless they're nonhuman, augmented or otherwise different.1998 / 201728 games
FlaresHand tossed flares.1999 / 201528 games
Fog of WarEmploys a fog of war, especially when it restores it once no-one sees in the revealed area anymore.1982 / 2017214 games
Glow sticks2007 / 20188 games
Vision indicatorPlayer is given some form of indicator of where other characters can see.1 game
Infravision1995 / 201811 games
Invisible foesIncludes opponents that are visually completely undetectable.1992 / 201412 games
Invisible platformsPlatforms that normally are normally undetectable. Some may become visible under certain circumstances and others may even be intangible unless something is done to or near them.1998 / 201824 games
Invisible wallsPlayers' ability to fully explore and/or utilize their surroundings is thwarted by unexplainable invisible barriers.1990 / 2018139 games
Portable light sourcePlayer can employ a lamp, flashlight, torch, or any other device, magic, or natural phenomena that produces light to better see in darkness.1980 / 2019517 games
LightLight and illumination plays a vital role in gameplay, and not simply by dispelling darkness.1981 / 201529 games
Line-of-sightSimulates line-of-sight to a degree, with objects blocking or limiting sight beyond them.1982 / 2017155 games
Nightvision1997 / 201642 games
RadarPlayer has a radar or similar device, or an unexplained display that mimics it, that gives positional info to player of various objects of interest and possibly friend-or-foe detection. Whether or not it is a literal radar.1980 / 2019386 games
Secrets: InvisibleIncludes secrets that are completely undetectable until discovered, usually by bumping into them accidentally and revealing them.1985 / 201418 games
Tunnel visionA condition where person sees only the center (focal) part clearly or sees only that part with everything else indistinguishable.1999 / 20149 games
Visible LASERsNon-weapon grade LASERs are peculiarly visible to normal human sight.1983 / 201880 games
Vision enhancerPlayer has some device, ability or piece of magic that somehow enhances their normal vision.1999 / 201228 games
Vision modesIncludes different view modes that convey different or additional information not otherwise available.1995 / 201531 games
Weather effectsWeather plays a role that affects gameplay besides creating mood or limiting visibility.1982 / 201861 games
WeirdvisionAny vision mode, tool, or such that can't be adequately described by anything else. Often has a name that suggests scifi tech (e.g. nanovision), supernatural powers (second sight), or such.1999 / 201951 games
X-ray visionAny vision mode, tool, or such that allows the player character to see through walls and other vision obscuring obstacles, regardless if it's literally an x-ray vision or not.2000 / 201624 games