Instant magic

Video game concept

All or most magic is instantly discharged.


Name variations: instantaneous magic

The first video game about Instant magic was released on April 23, 1992.

Blizzard, Electronic Arts and Brøderbund has published most of these games

[ Sorcery ]
Manner: Instant - Delayed - Held
Safety: Safe - Hazardous
Variants: Ingredients - Pre-casting

* Magic > Sorcery
This is in contrast to actual spellcasting which requires time to use magic symbols and/or utter any magic words that trigger the magical effect. Time isn't even spent in gathering or focusing energy for more powerful spells. Usually any long term spell effects don't require anything from the spellcaster, or possibly some detrimental effect to their magical energy reserves (reduced regeneration or constant drain while active), but no concentration or any such thing is needed.

This also includes magic that is triggered by uttering the spell name or similar methods, in similar vain as you hear people shouting the names of their particular attacks or techniques as they perform them in popular media (especially in eastern media). Flicks of wand, hand or such are also included, but not elaborate gestures with them.