68HC000 CPU

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Runs on 68HC000 CPUs specifically. A CMOS version of the 68000 causing significantly less power drain and heat and highly tolerant to interference.


The first video game about 68HC000 CPU was released in 1987.

Maxis has published all these games

CMOS circuitry is highly susceptible to damage by static electricity and light. Not a problem when enclosed in a properly designed formfactor. But both these disadvantages have inspired entertainment with a plot device of a CPU that is destroyed if passed hand to hand without each person discharging or equalizing their static charge and or destroyed by turning on lights in the room. Or if people in the room create too much static electricity. In entertainment, these CPUs are state-of-the-art, expensive, and rare. In real life, CMOS CPUs are properly protected in consumer devices, relatively inexpensive and commonly available. Even today, buyers can purchase surplus 68HC000 compatible CPUs through Freescale Semiconductor's website.