Wii Classic Controller

Hardware entity

A dual-analog, d-pad, 10-button gamepad connected to the Wii Remote.


The first video game about Wii Classic Controller was released on June 7, 2007.

The d-pads, (A), (B), (+), (-), and home buttons on each device send independent signals so a game can be programmed to interpret Wiimote (+) and Classic (+), for example, as different buttons.

Note that the Wiimote retains full functionality (d-pad, 6 buttons+HOME, motion) when used with the Classic Controller. A few game use the Wimote motion and Classic Controller together (they are clipped together by an adapter for this purpose).

Counting the (HOME) button would be 11 total buttons on the Classic Controller, if any game includes this functionality. These games most likely reserve the Wiimote (HOME) button for its original purpose to access the Wii system menu.
Succeeded by the Wii U Pro Controller which supposedly is not backwards compatible with Classic Controller.