Motion controllers

Hardware entity

Usually accelerometers and gyroscopes are used measure motion in the device itself. Varying types of cameras or sensors are used for other types of motion controllers.
HTC ViveSpecifically supports the HTC Vive VR goggles, its companion dual motion controllers, and the roomscale sensors.2014 / 201710 games
KinectA motion capture setup for Xbox 360 with a camera and infrared structured light scanner, originally intended for controller-free gaming.2010 / 201462 games
Leap Motion controllerSupports or requires the Leap Motion controller. A hand and finger motion tracking peripheral primarily intended for use with VR headsets.1 game
Motion controllerUses any form of motion controller for gameplay.2006 / 201725 games
PlayStation MoveMotion-sensing game controller platform for the PlayStation 3.2010 / 201420 games
Wiimote2008 / 201414 games