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AKFQuiz author (author)? armcpu debian demo download license-agpl pascal sdl x11 x86
All the Pretty Flowers ? (?)? commercial demo download uvl-tiein visualnovel
Arena  Entropic Software (Entropic Software)? abstract-location arenashooter commercial demo eveparadox fallbackweapon independentaim jumping license-proprietary licensechange openal score twinstickshooter ubuntu uvl-confusable
AtomZ Board Game Un-Map (Un-Map)? chainreactions clanguage commercial demo explosives glbasic grid grid-square langinsignificant license-proprietary sdl
Bliss: Dr D-Light volume 1  Dr. D-Light;Games For Loving (Dr. D-Light)? arg cdrom clothing demo download inventory java license-crossplatform license-proprietary mponly naturalistic romance seriousgame striptease ubuntu uvl-confusable
Bliss: Dr D-Light volume 2  Dr. D-Light;Games For Loving (Dr. D-Light)? arg cdrom clothing demo download inventory java license-crossplatform license-proprietary mponly naturalistic romance seriousgame striptease ubuntu uvl-confusable
Bliss: Solomon's Delight  Solomon's Delight;Games For Loving (Solomon's Delight)? arg cdrom christian clothing demo download inventory java judeochristianmythology license-crossplatform license-proprietary naturalistic romance seriousgame striptease ubuntu uvl-confusable
Board  Entropic Software (Entropic Software)? abstract-location chess commercial demo dualism eveparadox fallingblocks forethoughtrequired grid grid-square langinsignificant license-proprietary licensechange logic naturalistic openal perfectinformation shogi traditional ubuntu xiangqi
BoXplosion Absolutist (Absolutist)? commercial demo fallingblocks license-proprietary
Breakout Casino  Absolutist (Absolutist)? breakoutlike casino commercial debian demo license-proprietary mandriva redhat slackware suse uvl-descriptionincomplete
Checkers Challenge  Absolutist (Absolutist)? checkers commercial demo download grid grid-square license-proprietary traditional
Community Journey to the Center of Hawkthorne (Journey to Hawkthorne) - (-)? demo loveframework lua sdl sourcecodeavailable tvseries ubuntu
Deadly Rooms of Death: King Dugan's Dungeon (DROD: King Dugan's Dungeon)  Manifesto Games (Manifesto Games)? automap autosavepoints bonusstages children demo drod goblins gog gore group humanoidprotagonist insects interactivetriggers leveleditor meleeweapons monsters school secrets swords teleporters tutorial ubuntu uvl-searchelp walking
Deep Voyage  My Game Company (Mad Gears)? demo earth explosives fallingblocks grid grid-square inventory langinsignificant license-proprietary lighthearted match3 minigames ocean powerups ruins serious shopping slidingpuzzle timelimit tutorial ubuntu underwater visualmatching
Devil Gene R SoBa (SoBa)? commercial crowdfunded demo demons femaleprotagonist humans license-proprietary pythonlanguage renpy visualnovel war
Flick  Entropic Software (Entropic Software)? ♫tchaikovskyswanlake abstract-location commercial demo eveparadox grid grid-square license-proprietary licensechange naturalistic openal transportpuzzle ubuntu uvl-confusable
Galley Battles: from Salamis to Actium  Shrapnel Games (Hyperborea Studios)? africa ancientegypt ancientgreece antiquity cancelled commercial demo earth europe grid-none imperiumromanum license-proprietary tactical vaporware war warfare-sea
Graverobber ? (?)? commercial demo download
Guess The Phrase! Kristanix Studios (Kristanix Studios)? demo license-proprietary wordinput
HorseGame Equidev (Equidev)? demo lutris ubuntu unity-engine x86 x86-64
Illustrix Dream Pack Absolutist (Absolutist)? commercial debian demo fallingblocks license-proprietary logic redhat
Jet Ducks  Absolutist (Absolutist)? birds commercial demo download ducks firearms hunting license-proprietary parody shotguns
June 22, Enemy at the Gates Huly-Gun Soft (Huly-Gun Soft)? commercial demo license-proprietary socialistprotagonist tank
Kamyran's Eye software development ( software development)? axes demo femaleprotagonist genderchoice inventory java maleprotagonist meleeweapons monsters potions scrolls shields skeletons swords ubuntu walking wands
King under the Mountain ? (?)? commercial crowdfunded demo license-proprietary