created and published by Ephemere Games in 2011, running on Windows
This game has not passed the prototype stage.
type: shooter, strategy
genre: Science Fiction, Action-Strategy, Hybrid game, Tower Defense
perspective: bird's-eye
player options: single player
languages: eng

Official description

"Welcome to hell, Commander." – The Commodore

The Commodore is your boss and he’s not joking about the situation: aliens are everywhere and they really don’t like humans. They want to erradicate them by throwing asteroids at the Earth and it’s colonies. Oh yeah, we’re in the future, we’ve expanded all over the universe, there are aliens and they’re bad. That said, the fate of the humanity is your hands so... Will you save the world, Commander ?

Commander is a tower defense but there is more to it than that :

* You can modify the enemies’ path (see the trailer at 0:27);
* It’s made of pixels. A lot of them;
* Your home speakers will vibrate the air in such simple ways that your ears will be charmed (i.e. all music from Frederic Francois Chopin and retro-80 sound effects);
* 6 mercenaries (the turrets), 4 power-ups (including The Resistance. You’ll love them) and 9 levels of pure, simple, addictive fun.
# 2011-04-09 10:37:24 - official description

Technical specs

display: raster

Editor note

Developer vanished shortly after Alpha 1 version was released in Desura back in 2011.
# 2014-07-19 14:02:59

Authors / Staff

Jodi Giordano

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Commander (Windows)
Commander (Windows)
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