Colony simulation

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A survival simulator where player controls a colony, settlement, shelter, or some other small community rather than single character.


Alternate name: Colony survival simulation

Sheltered (Windows)
WIN 2016-03-15
Dwarf Fortress (Windows)
WIN 2006-08-08
Maia (Linux)
LIN 2018-11-23
Frostpunk (Windows)
WIN 2018-04-24
KeeperRL (Windows)
WIN TBA 2015
RimWorld (Windows)
WIN 2018-10-17
Stonehearth (Windows)
WIN 2018-07-25
Unclaimed World (Windows)
WIN 2016-10-04
Banished (Windows)
WIN 2014-02-18
Planetbase (Windows)
WIN 2015-10-16
Oxygen Not Included (Windows)
WIN TBA 2017
OSX 2008-02-23

The first video game about Colony simulation was released on August 8, 2006.

Bay 12 Games, Ludeon Studios and Team17 Digital has published most of these games


Windows 12
Linux 7
Mac OS X 6

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