Video game concept

MMOs that can be played for free, but usually offer premium membership for added content or sell special items to those who want to dish out their real money.


Alternate names: F2P, FTP, Play for free, play4free, p4f
Name variations: free to play

The first video game about Free-to-play was released in 1980.

Sony Online Entertainment, Sierra On-Line and 505 Games has published most of these games

Unfortunately these have the "stigma" of being incomplete and appearing very beta-ish (likely because many do open up for customers early on with open betas) which drives many potential customers away, even before they've tried the games.

Free-to-play games may additionally have premium membership (subscription) or item shop (microtransactions).

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Financial and business models, Free, but not Freeware, UVL: Tags that may need renaming

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