Free, but not Freeware

Video game concept

Free to obtain and play (no payments required), but have certain limitations that make them something else than freeware, such as requires proprietary server software you can't obtain, no rights to redistribute, and similar restrictions.


The first video game about Free, but not Freeware was released in 1983.

Retroguru, Ankama Games and Valve has published most of these games

Can be obtained and played without paying (legally), but does not have any other similarities with freeware, such as no rights to freely re-distribute them (without permission). Nor are these in public domain.

No payments required does not include any potential internet usage costs, as that's too generic to be included (same as electricity bill and costs of acquiring the platform and related hardware). Otherwise you'd need to consider that UVL itself is not free.

This can possibly be used as a fallback for other non-freeware-but-still-free licenses that have details missing (though such cases should be fixed).

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Free-to-play, Freemium, Qt framework


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