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BattleTechA wargaming franchise originally by FASA.notifications1984 / 201842 games
Dungeons & DragonsBased on any edition and/or any campaign setting of the D&D RPG system.notifications1974 / 2019242 games
Magic: The Gathering (MTG)A collectible card game by Wizards of the Coast about near-immortal (and often insane) demigods called Planeswalkers who traverse a multiverse and able to shape reality itself to their will.notifications1996 / 201528 games (5 characters)
4-ball pool gamePlayed with 2 cue balls, 2 object balls & no pockets. Points awarded for ball strikes. Best possible shot is every ball striking the other 3 (6 hits).notifications1993 / 20024 games
Baccarat (Baccara)A card game commonly played at some casinos.notifications1981 / 200026 games
Bank Card Game (Polish Bank;Russian Bank)5 or 6 players bet & upturn a card of 3 card hands until all are shown hoping to beat other card by players or dealer until dealer shows an 8 or less.0 game
Battleship (Schiffe versenken;Bataille navale;Battaglia navale)Based on the board game "Battleship".notifications1977 / 200995 games
BeloteFrench card game played with a 32-card game. Traditionnaly 4 players but has 2 and 3 players variant.notifications1985 / 19974 games
Big Six Wheel(Money Wheel;Dice Wheel;Big Wheel)A wheel divided into radial segments spun so a random segment is indicated by a stationary marker. Less often, the marker spins. Commonly for gambling0 game
BingoPlayed on a 5x5 (usually) grid of random numbers (usually). The caller draws numbers from a basket & players mark those numbers on their grid. First to get a predetermined pattern wins.notifications1980 / 200036 games
Bingo, UK variant (90 ball bingo;Commonwealth Bingo)Played on a 9x3 grid of random numbers. The caller announces randomly selected numbers & players mark them on their grid. 1st to get 1 or 2 lines, or every number on their card, wins.notifications1 game
Bingo, USA variant (75 ball bingo)Played on a 5x5 grid of random numbers. The caller draws numbers from a basket & players mark those numbers on their grid. First to get a predetermined pattern wins.notifications1984 / 200013 games
Blackjack card gameBlackjack (also 21), a card game played against the dealer. Dealer & each player gets 1 up, 1 down, & try to take cards totaling 21 or less, no more.notifications1975 / 2018263 games
Board gamesAny tags that describe a board game or something that originally was a board game.list_alt0 game
Car Wars (Auto Duel;Duel Track)A grid and tokens RPG that focused on inter-vehicular combat by Steve Jackson Games. Trademarked by Texas Instruments.notifications1985 / 19887 games
Card gameslist_alt0 game
Casino gameslist_alt0 game
Checkers (Draughts)notifications1975 / 2016123 games
ChessAn abstract strategy board game. The modern variant was invented sometime in the Middle Ages in Europe.notifications1972 / 2018512 games
Chess variantAny form of chess, whether directly inspired by chess or one of its ancestors.notifications1970 / 20194 games
Chinese checkers (Chinese chequers)A strategy board game invented in the 19th century in Germany as a variant of Halma. Despite the name, this is not Chinese in origin nor a variant of checkers. Sometimes even mislabeled as Chinese chess.notifications1983 / 201515 games
Connect 4 (Four in a Row;Plot Four;Four in a Line;Connect Four;Puissance)A variation of Gomoku (Connect 5) with less strict rules (rows can be longer than the specified number).notifications1979 / 201381 games
CrapsA gambling game played with dicenotifications1970 / 201264 games
Crazy Eightsnotifications1979 / 201016 games
CribbageCombination board & card gamenotifications1982 / 200749 games
Crosswords (Crossword Puzzles)Players acquire words, usually in the form of guesses or hints or trivia questions, & then apply them to blank rows & columns that cross each other.notifications1976 / 2010103 games
CryptogramA type of puzzle where player tries to turn encrypted piece of text back to its original form. Commonly uses substitution ciphers.notifications1978 / 19925 games
Culbertson card gamenotifications1 game
Daifugō card game and variants (大富豪;Daihinmin;大貧民;Big Two;Tien Lien;Presidents & Assholes)[dai hin min]Originally a japanese card game (Daifugō or Daihinmin) that has some Chinese (Big Two and Zheng Shangyou), Vietnamese (Tien Lien) and Occidental (Asshole) variants. Plays with a 52-card deck (+2 jokers on some variants), for three or more players.notifications1983 / 19995 games
Dice gamesGames where dice are the sole or central component.list_alt0 game
Dominoes (Dominos)Uses the domino gaming pieces.notifications1977 / 201562 games
Euchre [Eucre]Trick-taking card game most commonly played with four people in two partnerships with a deck of 24 standard playing cards.notifications1984 / 20048 games
Fox And HoundsA traditional game where each player has asymmetric pieces and moves, played on a chess board. (Not a chess variant)notifications1 game
FreeCell solitaireA variant of patience, a solitaire card game. Notable difference from Klondike is that all cards in play are upturned instead of only the top one.notifications1979 / 201515 games
Go Fish card game (Old Maid card game)notifications1986 / 201020 games
Gunjin ShōgiJapanese board game that plays more like "Stratego" than the traditional Shōgi.notifications1989 / 20024 games
Hanafuda (花札)Hanafuda are playing cards of Japanese origin, used to play a number of games. The name literally translates as 'flower cards'. [i](Source: Wikipedia)[/i]notifications1982 / 201262 games
Hangmannotifications1975 / 2016134 games
Hearts card game.notifications1980 / 201034 games
Higher & Lower card gamenotifications1983 / 19884 games
Hoo Hey How (魚蝦蟹;Fish-Prawn-Crab;Fish Prawn Crab)A dice game originating in China. Often used in gambling.notifications1 game
Hylocynate card gamenotifications1 game
Jigsaw puzzleA type of tiling puzzle.notifications1983 / 201988 games
Kelly Pool game2–15 players, 4–6 optimal. Each gets a secret ball #. The lowest # must be stuck for every shot. The winner is the 1st to have their # sunk [i]by anyone[/i].notifications1993 / 20082 games
KenoGambling game mixing bingo & lottery. Players buy cards of #s (80), marks up to a limit of #s (15), random #s are chosen, & players paid for matches.notifications1978 / 199928 games
Khet (Deflexion)Like chess WITH LASERS! Players move or rotate pieces on a gridded playfield to reflect their laserbeam(s) to destroy their opponent. Invented in 2005notifications3 games
LotteryDrawing lots for prizes.notifications2004 / 20189 games
Mahjong (mah-jongg;麻將;麻将;麻雀;マージャン;Mājan;Mah Jong)Popular Asian board game. Normally played with four players, but two player mahjong variants are also very common in video games.notifications1979 / 2018629 games
Mancala (Kalah;Oware;Congkak;Omweso;Üneetugaluulakh;Bao;Sungka;Igisoro;Uneetugaluulakh;Awari;Awalé;Awélé)An ancient sowing or 'count-and-capture' game that involves two players moving many 'seeds' (gamepeices) to the ending areas.notifications1976 / 201433 games
Mastermind (Master Mind)Based on the logic puzzle game "Mastermind".notifications1972 / 2010149 games
Mau Mau card gamenotifications1988 / 19996 games
Mensch ärgere Dich nichtPopular German board game.notifications1988 / 19928 games
Mille Bornes card gamenotifications1981 / 200323 games
Miniatures gamesAny tags that describe a miniatures game or something that originally was a miniatures game.list_alt0 game
MonopolyA board game published by Parker Brothers in 1935, a variant of the few decades older The Landlord's Game.notifications1970 / 201488 games
N-puzzleA sliding puzzle.notifications1984 / 19899 games
Neutron Board GameA strategy board game played on square grids.notifications1 game
NimMathematical game of 2 players alternately removing 1 or more objects from 1 of 3 heaps. In traditional play, last move loses. 'Normal play', it wins.notifications1975 / 200849 games
Nonogram (Paint by Numbers;Griddlers)A logic puzzle.notifications1995 / 201544 games
Pachinko (パチンコ)A Japanese gaming device used for amusement and prizes. Although the machines were originally strictly mechanical, modern pachinko machines are a cross between a pinball machine and a video slot machine. (Source: Wikipedia)notifications1980 / 2008161 games
Pai GowA gambling game played with dominoes. Not to be confused with the card game that is loosely based on it.0 game
Pai Gow Card Game(Pai Gow Poker)A gambling card game loosely based on the Pai Gow game played with dominoes.0 game
Pairs(Memory;Concentration;Pelmanism;Shinkei-suijaku;Pexeso)A simple memory game where player usually has a number of face down cards where they turn over two of them, memorize what they are, and turn them back down, repeating until they turn around a pair and remove them from the table until no cards remain.notifications1976 / 199520 games
Patience solitaire (Klondike;FreeCell)A family of solitaire games played with cards which includes variants such as Klondike and FreeCell.notifications1979 / 2015118 games
Peg solitaire (Solitaire;Brainvita)Peg solitaire is a board game for one player involving movement of pegs on a board with holes. [i]--[url=]Wikipedia[/url][/i]notifications1975 / 201354 games
PinochleA type of card game.notifications1983 / 19894 games
PitchA type of card game.notifications1 game
Poker card gamesVariety of cards where matched values, matched suits, runs, & combinations of them are sought & often bet to be of higher value than another's hand.notifications1975 / 2018394 games
Poker: 5-cardA poker rule variation where hands consist of only 5 cards.notifications1975 / 201614 games
Poker: 7 cardA poker rule variation where hands consist of only 7 cards.notifications1984 / 200411 games
Poker: Aces WildA poker rule variation where aces are used as wild cards.notifications1 game
Poker: ChicagoA non-gambling poker variant where the object is to accumulate score based on winning hands. Hands that are less probable to obtain score higher.0 game
Poker: Deuces WildA poker rule variation where deuces (2s) are used as wild cards.notifications1 game
Poker: DrawA poker rule variation where players can discard cards from their hand to be dealt replacement cards.notifications1975 / 200310 games
Poker: Jokers WildA poker rule variation where joker cards are used in the deck as wild cards.notifications1 game
Poker: Low ChicagoA poker variant.0 game
Poker: No Wild CardsA poker rule variation where no wild cards are used.notifications1 game
Poker: Omaha (Omaha hold 'em)Poker variation where exactly 4 cards are dealt to each player that must use exactly 2 plus exactly 3 of exactly 5 community cards to construct a handnotifications1999 / 20057 games
Poker: One-eyed Jacks are WildA poker rule variation where one-eyed jacks (the jack of spades and the jack of hearts) are used as wild cards.notifications1 game
Poker: Other VariationsOther variants of of the card game of poker not covered in UVL tags are included.notifications1980 / 20059 games
Poker: Texas Hold'emPoker variation dealing 2 cards per player face down, 5 community cards. A check, bet or fold can occur between each deal. 2 cards per player (bet) 'the flop' 3 (bet) 'the turn' 1 (bet) 'the river' 1.notifications1989 / 201712 games
Qphrenics card gamenotifications1 game
Red Dog Card Game[Yablon;Red Dog Poker]A gambling game with suitless rankings of 3 card hands. Notable for small number of possible hands (2744), relatively easy to calculate odds, & overall 3.155 to 1 odds in the house's favor.notifications1990 / 19972 games
Risknotifications1982 / 201654 games
Rotation Pool GameA similar game to 9-ball but using all 15 balls and players score point.notifications1993 / 20027 games
RouletteGambling with a spun wheel of red & black numbers on which a moving ball is tossed against many possible bets of various odds on a corresponding chartnotifications1972 / 201893 games
RPG systemslist_alt0 game
Rubik's CubeGames based on the Rubik's Cube toy or any of its variations.notifications1981 / 199521 games
RummyRummy is a group of card games that includes Gin Rummy, Canasta, Rummy and Mah Jong. As mahjong games are much more common, they have their own group.notifications1982 / 200523 games
ScrabbleA traditional word gamenotifications1983 / 201353 games
Scratchcards (Scratch Offs;Scratch Tickets;Scratchers;Scratchies;Scratch-its;Scratch Game;Scratch-and-win;Instant Lottery;Pull-Tabs;breakopens;break open cards;strip tickets;nevada tickets;pickles)Gambling game pieces containing concealed results are purchased in the hope that the results will be worth more than the purchase price of the game piece0 game
Shanghai solitaire (Mahjong solitaire;Computer Mahjong;TaiPei;The Turtle;Kyodai;Moraff's)Shanghai is a solitaire game concept, played with Mahjong tiles instead of cards.notifications1981 / 2016141 games
Shisen-ShoShisen-Sho (四川省 Shisenshō; "Sichuan Province"), sometimes referred to as 'Shisen', 'Four Rivers' or simply 'Rivers,' is a Japanese tile-based game which uses Mahjong tiles, and is similar to Mahjong solitaire (aka "Shanghai").notifications1989 / 199116 games
Skat card gamenotifications1983 / 201319 games
Slitherlink (Fences;Takegaki;Loop the Loop;Loopy;Ouroboros;Suriza;Dotty Dilemma)A logic puzzle by Nikoli.notifications2000 / 20085 games
Slot machine (Fruit machine;Poker machine)A type of gambling devicenotifications1970 / 2018410 games
SolitaireFamily of single-player tabletop games, including patience, Mahjong solitaire, and peg solitaire.notifications1975 / 2017279 games
Spades card gamenotifications1983 / 200411 games
Sudoku (数独)A simple logic puzzle.notifications1999 / 201948 games
Table football (Foosball;Fussball)notifications1980 / 201214 games
Tangram (七巧板)Traditional dissection puzzle that originated from China.notifications1984 / 19986 games
Tarot (Tarocchi;Tarock)notifications1982 / 200920 games
The Game of Life (LIFE;The Checkered Game of Life;Jinsei Game)Board game created in 1960 by Milton Bradley.notifications1976 / 201028 games
Tic-Tac-Toe (Noughts and Crosses)Games based on the pencil-and-paper game "Tic-Tac-Toe", also known as "Noughts and Crosses".notifications1975 / 2013158 games
Trente-et-Quarante (Red and black;Rouge et Noir;Thirty and Forty)A gambling card game.notifications1 game
Trivial pursuitA trivia game played on a board with a large number of pre-defined questions on cards.notifications1984 / 201543 games
Truc[Truco;Truque;Truquiflor]Trick-taking card game for 2 to 6 players, mostly played in France and Spain. South American versions of this game are more elaborated and called Truco, Truque or Truquiflor.notifications1 game
UnoCard game played with a specially printed deck.notifications1987 / 201718 games
Video Poker (Poker Machine)Video Poker is a combination of [gametag=poker]poker[/gametag] and [gametag=slotmachine]slot machine[/gametag].notifications1978 / 200593 games
War card gamenotifications1982 / 20054 games
Xiàngqí (象棋;Chinese chess;Elephant game)A chess variant from China. The board uniquely has 'Palace' & 'River' areas that modify or restrict the movements or points of some piecesnotifications1985 / 200918 games
Xyology Card Gamenotifications1 game
Yahtzee (Yams)A game played with dice. Players try to get points by rolling straights, matched sets & selected numbers to fill a list.notifications1978 / 200990 games
Zebra Puzzle (Einstein's Puzzle;Einstein's Riddle)A logic puzzle misattributed to several people.notifications1991 / 20034 games
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (ADND;AD&D)Based on the 2nd edition of the D&D pen&paper RPG.notifications1978 / 2017184 games
Backgammon board gameThis tag indicates the game is based on backgammon or includes a game based on backgammon.notifications1977 / 2016154 games
Bagh-ChalGames based on the Nepalese board game "Bagh-Chal" and its variants.notifications2 games
Blood BowlA fantasy football miniatures game related to Warhammer Fantasy Battle but not part of it.notifications1995 / 201511 games
Classic Dungeons & Dragons (DnD 1st Edition)Uses the first edition of the Dungeons & Dragons P&P role-playing system.notifications1974 / 20157 games
Dungeons & Dragons 3rd EditionBased on 3rd edition D&D ruleset, first to abandon the THAC0 system that was iconic of the previous editions.notifications2000 / 201928 games
Dungeons & Dragons 4th EditionFourth edition of D&D that introduced short (~5min) rest along with making abilities and powers have uses per encounter rather than per day.notifications2006 / 20084 games
Dungeons & Dragons 5th EditionFifth edition of D&D that changed balance significantly by bounding much of the numbers and bonuses to be all under ten, character progression was also limited to proficient or not rather than ever increasing skill.notifications2014 / 20165 games
Game of the Amazons (El Juego de las Amazonas)A two-player abstract strategy game played on a chess board.1 game
Go (碁;囲碁;いご;Igo;圍棋;围棋;Wéiqí;바둑;Baduk)An East Asian abstract strategy board game for two players originated in ancient China, usually played on a board with 19x19 grid though other sizes are used as well, with players placing black and white pips at the grid intersections.notifications1978 / 2015103 games
Gomoku (五目;ごもく;Five in a Row;Connect 5)A board game traditionally played with Go pieces on a Go board where the winner is the player who gets an unbroken row of exactly five stones horizontally, vertically or diagonally.notifications1975 / 201449 games
Halma (ἅλμα)Based on the board game "Halma" and its variants. Originating in 1880s, USA. A game of perfect information for 2-4 players typically on a 16x16 board.notifications1987 / 20004 games
HeroQuest[Hero Quest]Based on the HeroQuest board adventure game by Games Workshop.notifications1991 / 19949 games
KlaverjasCard games based on "Klaverjas" and its variants. Some variants and other names include: "Klaverjassen", "Klaberjass", "Bela".notifications1988 / 19923 games
Nine Men's MorrisGames based on the board game "Nine Men's Morris" and its variants.notifications1985 / 200013 games
Nurikabe(Cell Structure)A logic puzzle by Nikoli.notifications2011 / 20122 games
Pachisi(पचीसी)An Indian board game.notifications1 game
Pathfinder Role-playing GameA d20-based tabletop pen & paper role-playing game, based on the Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 Open Game License. The default campaign setting is Golarion. The franchise has expanded to books, comics, and such since.notifications3 games
Renju (連珠;Lianzhu)A professional variant of Gomoku with extra rules for the starting player (black) and a more complicated start.notifications1983 / 20019 games
Reversi (Othello)Two-player board game played on an eight-by-eight square grid with pieces that have two distinctly opposite sides.notifications1978 / 2015268 games
Rock–paper–scissorsRock–paper–scissors is a hand game usually played between two people, in which each player simultaneously forms one of three shapes with an outstretched hand.notifications1982 / 201922 games
Settlers of CatanVideo game adaptations of the Settlers of Catan board game.notifications2000 / 20089 games
Shōgi (将棋;しょうぎ;Japanese chess)Shōgi, or Japanese chess, is the most popular of a family of chess variants native to Japan. [i](Source: Wikipedia)[/i]notifications1983 / 2009136 games
SimonOriginally an electronic rhythm and memory game, identifiable by its circular design with 4 colored sectors, created in 1978 by Lenny Cope.notifications1978 / 201440 games
Space Hulk (Space Crusade;Star Quest)Based on the Space Hulk board game set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe where players controlled a Space Marine Terminator squad to search through "Space Hulks" for lost information and/or technology.notifications1992 / 201724 games
Talisman: The Magical Quest GameBased on the Talisman board game, designed by Robert Harris and originally published by Games Workshop.notifications1985 / 20144 games
Thirty-OneGames based on the card game "Thirty-one" and its variants.1 game
Brag card gameThree card brag and all its variations.notifications1983 / 19853 games
Bridge card gamenotifications1970 / 2017103 games
Game of ChanceAny game that is heavily or entirely influenced by random chance rather than the player's skill.notifications3 games
JetbikesPlayer encounters jetbikes, motorcycle-lookalikes capable of flight.notifications4 games
Miniature gameBased on any kind of miniature game, such as miniature wargames.notifications1995 / 201635 games
StrategoAn abstract board strategy wargame.notifications1987 / 199810 games
Three-card Monte(Find the Lady;Three-card Trick)Gambling game played with three cards (or variant with cups) in which the player has to find a specific card among three face-down playing cards.notifications1 game
Towers of Hanoinotifications1975 / 199940 games
Traditional Tie-innotifications1981 / 201543 games