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1010sSet in the 1010s (from January 1010 to December 1019 CE).notifications1 game
1040s(104X)Set in the 1040s (from January 1040 to December 1049 CE).notifications1998 / 20163 games
1060sSet in the 1060s (from January 1060 to December 1069 CE).notifications1 game
10th century (9XX)Takes place during the 10th century (from 901-01-01 to 1000-12-31).notifications1989 / 201612 games
10th Millennium BC (-9XXX;bc9XXX;9XXXbc)Takes place during the 10th millennium BC (from the beginning of 10000 BC to the end of 9001 BC).notifications1 game
1130sSet in the 1130s (from 1130-01 to 1139-12).notifications2010 / 20143 games
1140sSet in the 1140s (from 1140-01 to 1149-12).notifications1986 / 200212 games
1150sSet in the 1150s (from 1150-01 to 1159-12).notifications1986 / 200212 games
1160sSet in the 1160s (from 1160-01 to 1169-12).notifications1986 / 200212 games
1170sSet in the 1190s (from 1170-01 to 1179-12).notifications1986 / 200212 games
1180sSet in the 1180s (from 1180-01 to 1189-12).notifications1986 / 200212 games
1190sSet in the 1190s (from 1190-01 to 1199-12).notifications1986 / 200919 games
11th century (10XX)Takes place during the 12th century (from 1001-01-01 to 1100-12-31).notifications1987 / 201627 games
11th Century BC (-10XX;10XXbc)Takes place during the 11th century BC (from the beginning of 1100 BC to the end of 1001 BC).notifications1 game
1290sSet in the 1290s (from January 1290 to December 1299 CE).notifications1 game
12th century (11XX)Takes place during the 12th century (from 1101-01-01 to 1200-12-31).notifications1985 / 201673 games
1300sSet in the 1300s (from 1300-01 to 1309-12).notifications2 games
1310sSet in the 1310s (from January 1310 to December 1319 CE).notifications1 game
1320sSet in the 1320s (from January 1930 to December 1929 AD).notifications2003 / 20162 games
1340sSet in the 1340s (from January 1340 to December 1349 CE).notifications1 game
1350s (135X)Set in the 1350s (from AD 1350-01-01 to 1359-12-31).notifications1983 / 20163 games
1370sSet in the 1370s (from 1370-01 to 1379-12).1 game
13th century (12XX)Takes place during the 13th century (from 1201-01-01 to 1300-12-31).notifications1984 / 202049 games
13th Century BCTakes place during the 13th century BC (from the beginning of 1300 BC to the end of 1201 BC).notifications1 game
1400sSet in the 1400s (from 1400-01 to 1409-12).notifications1 game
1410s (141X)Set in the 1410s (from AD 1410-01-01 to AD 1419-12-31).notifications1999 / 20163 games
1420s (142X)Set in the 1420s (from AD 1420-01-01 to AD 1949-12-31).notifications1999 / 20164 games
1430s (143X)Set in the 1430s (from AD 1430-01-01 to AD 1939-12-31).notifications1999 / 20163 games
146thcenturyTakes place during the 146th century (from 14501-01-01 to 14600-12-31).notifications1 game
1470sSet in the 1470s (from January 1470 to December 1479 CE).notifications1 game
1480s(148X)Set in the 1480s (from January 1480 to December 1489 CE).notifications1995 / 201655 games
1490sSet in the 1490s (from 1490-01 to 1499-12).notifications1982 / 20146 games
149th Millennium BC (-148XXX;bc148XXX;148XXXbc)Basically 150,000 years before 20xxnotifications2012 / 20152 games
14th century (13XX)Takes place during the 14th century (from 1301-01-01 to 1400-12-31).notifications1981 / 201650 games
14th Century BCTakes place during the 14th century BC (from the beginning of 1400 BC to the end of 1301 BC).notifications4 games
1500s(150X)Set in the 1500s (from January 1500 to December 1509 CE).notifications1990 / 20136 games
1510sSet in the 1510s (from January 1510 to December 1519 AD).notifications1984 / 20136 games
1520s(152X)Set in the 1520s (from January 1520 to December 1529 CE).notifications1984 / 20139 games
1530sSet in the 1530s (from January 1530 to December 1539 CE).notifications1 game
1580sSet in the 1580s (from January 1580 to December 1589 CE).notifications1 game
15th century (14XX)Takes place during the 15th century (from 1401-01-01 to 1500-12-31).notifications1982 / 2016135 games
1600s(160X)Set in the 1600s (from January 1600 to December 1609 CE).notifications2004 / 20206 games
1610sSet in the 1610s (from January 1610 to December 1619 AD).notifications1 game
1620sSet in the 1620s (from January 1620 to December 1629 AD).notifications2004 / 20164 games
1640sSet in the 1640s (from January 1640 to December 1649 AD).notifications1982 / 20042 games
1660sSet in the 1660s (from January 1660 to December 1669 AD).notifications2004 / 20213 games
1680s (168X)Set in the 1680s (from January 1680 to December 1689 AD).notifications1995 / 20133 games
16th century (15XX)Takes place during the 16th century (from 1501-01-01 to 1600-12-31).notifications1982 / 2019160 games
1700s (170X)Set in the 1700s (from 1700-01-01 to 1709-12-31).notifications2013 / 20172 games
1710s (171X)Set in the 1710s (from 1710-01-01 to 1719-12-31).notifications1 game
1720s (172X)Set in the 1720s (from 1720-01-01 to 1729-12-31).notifications1 game
1730s (173X)Set in the 1730s (from 1730-01-01 to 1739-12-31).notifications1 game
1740s (174X)Set in the 1740s (from 2080-01-01 to 1749-12-31).notifications1 game
1750s (175X)Set in the 1750s (from AD 1750-01-01 to 1759-12-31).notifications1992 / 20136 games
1760s (176X)Set in the 1760s (from AD 1760-01-01 to 1769-12-31).notifications1985 / 20135 games
1770s (177X)Set in the 1770s (from AD 1770-01-01 to 1779-12-31).notifications1975 / 201315 games
1780s (178X)Set in the 1780s (from January 1780 to December 1789 CE).notifications1985 / 20137 games
1780s BC (-178X;-1780s;bc178X)Set in the 1780s BC (from the beginning of 1789 BC to the end of 1780 BC).notifications1978 / 19793 games
1790s (179X)Set in the 1790s (from AD 1790-01-01 to 1799-12-31).notifications1982 / 201810 games
17th century (16XX)Takes place during the 17th century (from 1601-01-01 to 1700-12-31).notifications1982 / 2021127 games
1800s (180X)Set in the 1800s (from January 1800 to December 1809 AD).notifications1983 / 201729 games
1810s (1810X)Set in the 1810s (from January 1810 to December 1819 AD).notifications1981 / 201529 games
1820s (182X)Set in the 1820s (from January 1820 to December 1829 AD).notifications1987 / 20135 games
1830s (183X)Set in the 1830s (from January 1830 to December 1839 AD).notifications1981 / 201716 games
1840sSet in the 1840s (from January 1840 to December 1849).notifications1971 / 201861 games
1850s (185X)Set in the 1850s (from January 1850 to December 1859 AD).notifications1980 / 201725 games
1860s (186X)Set in the 1860s (from January 1860 to December 1869 AD).notifications1978 / 2017119 games
1870s (187X)Set in the 1870s (from January 1870 to December 1879 AD).notifications1987 / 201827 games
1880s (188X)Set in the 1880s (from January 1880 to December 1889).notifications1983 / 201738 games
1890s (189X)Set in the 1890s (from 1890-01 to 1899-12).notifications1982 / 202145 games
18th century (17XX)Takes place during the 18th century (from 1701-01-01 to 1800-12-31).notifications1975 / 2019149 games
18th Century BC (-17XX;17XXbc)Takes place during the 18th century BC (from the beginning of 1800 BC to the end of 1701 BC).notifications1978 / 19793 games
1900s (190X)Set in the 1900s (from January 1900 to December 1909 CE).notifications1980 / 202162 games
1910s (191X)Set in the 1910s (from January 1910 to December 1919 CE).notifications1981 / 2018118 games
1920s (192X)Set in the 1920s (from January 1920 to December 1929 CE).notifications1979 / 2019105 games
1930s (193X)Set in the 1930s (from January 1930 to December 1939 CE).notifications1980 / 2017240 games
1940s (194X)Set in the 1940s (from January 1940 to December 1949 CE).notifications1978 / 2018708 games
1950s (195X)Set in the 1950s (from January 1950 to December 1959 CE).notifications1982 / 2021113 games
1960s (196X)Set in the 1960s (from January 1960 to December 1969 CE).notifications1985 / 2021115 games
1970s (197X)Set in the 1970s (from January 1970 to December 1979 CE).notifications1979 / 2021101 games
1980s (198X)Set in the 1980s (from January 1980 to December 1989 CE).notifications1979 / 2021272 games
1990s (199X)Set in the 1990s (from January 1990 to December 1999 CE).notifications1981 / 2021262 games
19th century (18XX)Takes place during the 19th century (from 1801-01-01 to 1900-12-31).notifications1971 / 2021440 games
19th century BCTakes place during the 19th century BC (from the beginning of 1900 BC to the end of 1801 BC).0 game
1st Century (0XX)Takes place during the 1st century (from 1-01-01 to 100-12-31).notifications1982 / 201621 games
1st Century BCTakes place during the 1st century BC (from 100-01-01 BC to 1-12-31 BC).notifications1982 / 201615 games
1st millennium (0XXX)Takes place during the first millennium, from 01-01-01 till 1000-12-31.notifications1997 / 20053 games
2000s (2000-2009;200X)Set in the 2000s (from 2000-01-01 to 2009-12-31).notifications1977 / 2017166 games
2010s (201X)Set in the 2010s (from 2010-01-01 to 2019-12-31).notifications1985 / 2019228 games
2020s (202X)Set in the 2020s (from 2020-01-01 to 2029-12-31).notifications1984 / 2019121 games
2030s (203X)Set in the 2030s (from 2030-01-01 to 2039-12-31).notifications1981 / 2021105 games
2040s (204X)Set in the 2040s (from 2040-01-01 to 2049-12-31).notifications1982 / 2020101 games
2050s (205X)Set in the 2050s (from 2050-01-01 to 2059-12-31).notifications1980 / 202169 games
2060s (206X)Set in the 2060s (from 2060-01-01 to 2069-12-31).notifications1983 / 202133 games
2070s (207X)Set in the 2070s (from 2070-01-01 to 2079-12-31).notifications1974 / 201829 games
2080s (208X)Set in the 2080s (from 2080-01-01 to 2089-12-31).notifications1982 / 201778 games
2090s (209X)Set in the 2090s (from 2090-01-01 to 2099-12-31).notifications1984 / 201665 games
20th century (19XX)Takes place during the 20th century (from 1901-01-01 to 2000-12-31).notifications1971 / 20211363 games
2100s (210X)notifications1979 / 201520 games
2110s (211X)notifications1982 / 201824 games
2120s (212X)notifications1986 / 201711 games
2130s (213X)notifications1994 / 20169 games
2140s (214X)notifications1985 / 201539 games
2150s (215X)notifications1990 / 201634 games
2160s (216X)notifications1997 / 201517 games
2170s (217X)notifications1987 / 201218 games
2180s (218X)notifications1982 / 201635 games
2190s (219X)notifications1985 / 201928 games
21st century (20XX)Takes place during the 21st century (from 2001-01-01 to 2100-12-31).notifications1974 / 2021860 games
2200s (220X)Set in the 2200s (from January 2200 to December 2209 AD).notifications1992 / 20073 games
2210s (221X)Set in the 2210s (from January 2210 to December 2219 AD).notifications2001 / 20203 games
2220sSet in the 2220s (from January 2220 to December 2229 AD).notifications3 games
2230sSet in the 2230s (from January 2230 to December 2239 AD).notifications2005 / 20162 games
2240s(224X)Set in the 2240s (from 2240-01-01 to 2249-12-31).notifications1990 / 20132 games
2250s (225X)Set in the 2250s (from January 2250 to December 2259 AD).notifications1999 / 201410 games
2260s (226X)Set in the 2260s (from January 2260 to December 2269 AD).notifications1993 / 19993 games
2270sSet in the 2270s (from January 2270 to December 2279 AD).notifications1982 / 20012 games
2280sSet in the 2280s (from January 2280 to December 2289 AD).notifications2015 / 20196 games
22nd century (21XX)Takes place during the 22nd century (from 2101-01-01 to 2200-12-31).notifications1979 / 2020392 games
2310s(231X)Set in the 2310s (from January 2310 to December 2319 CE).notifications1992 / 20147 games
2320sSet in the 2320s (from January 2320 to December 2329 AD).notifications1995 / 20156 games
2350sSet in the 2350s (from January 2350 to December 2359 AD).notifications2004 / 20185 games
2360sSet in the 2360s (from January 2360 to December 2369 AD).notifications1988 / 19902 games
2370sSet in the 2370s (from January 2370 to December 2379 AD).notifications1984 / 20012 games
2380sSet in the 2380s (from January 2380 to December 2389 AD).notifications2007 / 20104 games
23rd century (22XX)Takes place during the 23st century (from 2201-01-01 to 2300-12-31).notifications1978 / 2020126 games
2400sSet in the 2400s (from January 2400 to December 2409 CE).notifications1 game
2410sSet in the 2410s (from January 2410 to December 2419 AD).notifications3 games
2430sSet in the 2430s (from January 2430 to December 2439 AD).notifications2011 / 20163 games
2440sSet in the 2440s (from January 2440 to December 2449 AD).notifications1 game
2450s(245X)Set in the 2450s (from 2450-01-01 to 2459-12-31).notifications2004 / 20148 games
2480sSet in the 2480s (from January 2480 to December 2489 AD).notifications1 game
24th century (23XX)Takes place during the 24th century (from 2301-01-01 to 2400-12-31).notifications1978 / 2018119 games
2500s(250X;2500-2509)Set in the 2500s (from 2500-01-01 to 2509-12-31).notifications1981 / 20139 games
2510sSet in the 2510s (from January 2510 to December 2519 CE).notifications2 games
2520sSet in the 2520s (from January 2520 to December 2529 AD).notifications2005 / 20143 games
2530s(253X;2530-2539)Set in the 2530s (from 2530-01-01 to 2539-12-31).notifications1994 / 19974 games
2550s (255X)Set in the 2550s (from AD 2550-01-01 to 2559-12-31).notifications1991 / 20144 games
2570sSet in the 2570s (from 2570-01-01 to 2579-12-31).notifications1993 / 20033 games
25th century (24XX)Takes place during the 25th century (from 2401-01-01 to 2500-12-31).notifications1982 / 201683 games
2610sSet in the 2610s (from January 2610 to December 2619 AD).notifications2 games
2630sSet in the 2630s (from January 2630 to December 2639 AD).notifications1992 / 20163 games
2640sSet in the 2640s (from January 2640 to December 2649 AD).notifications1994 / 20022 games
26th century (25XX)Takes place during the 25th century (from 2501-01-01 to 2600-12-31).notifications1981 / 201448 games
2760sSet in the 2760s (from January 2760 to December 2769 AD).notifications1 game
27th century (26XX)Takes place during the 27th century (from 2601-01-01 to 2700-12-31).notifications1990 / 201623 games
2890sSet in the 2890s (from January 2890 to December 2899 CE).notifications1982 / 19833 games
28th century (27XX)Takes place during the 25th century (from 2701-01-01 to 2800-12-31).notifications1982 / 201512 games
2990sSet in the 2990s (from January 2990 to December 2999 AD).notifications1988 / 19932 games
29th Century (28XX)Takes place during the 29th century (from 2801-01-01 to 2900-12-31).notifications1982 / 201717 games
2nd century (1XX)Takes place during the 2nd century (from 101-01-01 to 200-12-31).notifications1985 / 201753 games
2nd Century BCTakes place during the 2nd century BC (from 200-01-01 BC to 101-12-31 BC).notifications1990 / 20169 games
2nd millennium (1XXX)notifications1971 / 2021555 games
2nd Millennium BC (-1XXX;bc1XXX)Takes place in the 2nd Millennium BC from the beginning of 2000 BC to the end of 1001 BCnotifications1978 / 200410 games
3000s (3000-3009;3000X)Set in the 3000s (from 3000-01-01 to 3009-12-31).notifications1985 / 19863 games
3020sSet in the 3020s (from 3020-01-01 to 3029-12-31).notifications21 games
3040sSet in the 3040s (from January 3040 to December 3049 AD).notifications1 game
3080sSet in the 3080s (from January 3080 to December 3089 AD).notifications2012 / 20134 games
30th century (29XX)Takes place during the 30th century (from 2901-01-01 to 3000-12-31).notifications1977 / 201919 games
31st century (30XX)Takes place during the 31th century (from 3001-01-01 to 3100-12-31).notifications1981 / 201858 games
32ndcenturyTakes place during the 32nd century (from 3101-01-01 to 3200-12-31).notifications1 game
33rdcenturyTakes place during the 33rd century (from 3201-01-01 to 3300-12-31).notifications1 game
3430sSet in the 3430s (from 3430-01-01 to 3439-12-31).notifications1 game
3550s (355X)Set in the 3550s (from AD 3550-01-01 to 355912-31).notifications1 game
35thcenturyTakes place during the 35th century (from 3401-01-01 to 3500-12-31).notifications1982 / 19852 games
36th century (35XX)Takes place during the 36th century (from 3501-01-01 to 3600-12-31).notifications1 game
3790sSet in the 3790s (from 3790-01-01 to 3799-12-31).notifications1 game
37thcenturyTakes place during the 37th century (from 3601-01-01 to 3700-12-31).notifications1 game
38th century(37XX)Takes place during the 38th century (from 3701-01-01 to 3800-12-31).notifications2010 / 20217 games
3920sSet in the 3920s (from 3920-01-01 to 3929-12-31).notifications1 game
3nd Millennium BC (-2XXX;bc2XXX)Takes place in the 3nd Millennium BC from the beginning of 3000 to the end of 20010 game
3rd century (2XX)Takes place during the 3rd century (from 201-01-01 to 300-12-31).notifications1985 / 201635 games
3rd Century BCTakes place during the 3rd century BC (from 300-01-01 BC to 201-12-31 BC).notifications1986 / 201611 games
3rd millennium (2XXX)Takes place during the 3rd millennium (from 2001-01-01 to 3000-12-31)notifications1974 / 2021361 games
4000sSet in the 4000s (from 4000-01-01 to 4009-12-31).notifications1 game
4010sSet in the 4010s (from January 4010 to December 4019 CE).notifications1 game
40thcenturyTakes place during the 40th century (from 3901-01-01 to 4000-12-31).notifications1 game
41st Century (40XX)Takes place during the 41st century (from 4001-01-01 to 4100-12-31).notifications1983 / 20157 games
4th century (3XX)Takes place during the 4th century (from 301-01-01 to 400-12-31).notifications1984 / 201613 games
4th Century BCTakes place during the 4th century BC (from 400-01-01 BC to 301-12-31 BC).notifications1987 / 201612 games
4th millennium (3XXX)Takes place during the 4th millennium (from 3001-01-01 to 4000-12-31)notifications1981 / 2021121 games
50th centuryTakes place during the 50th century (from 4901-01-01 to 5000-12-31)notifications1 game
50th Millennium BC (-49XXX;bc49XXX;49XXXbc)Takes place during the 50th century BC (from the beginning of 50000 BC to the end of 49001 BC).notifications1 game
51stcenturyTakes place during the 51st century (from 5001-01-01 to 5100-12-31)notifications1 game
5300sSet in the 5300s (from 5300-01-01 to 5309-12-31).notifications1 game
530s BCSet in the 5300s BC (from the beginning of 539 BC to the end of 530 BC).notifications1 game
5th century (4XX)Takes place during the 5th century (from 401-01-01 to 500-12-31).notifications1984 / 201613 games
5th Century BCTakes place during the 5th century BC (from 500-01-01 BC to 401-12-31 BC).notifications1985 / 20169 games
5th millennium (4XXX)Set somewhere in the 5th millennium, from 4001-01-01 till 5000-12-31.notifications1985 / 201321 games
660s(66X)Set in the 660s (from January 660 to December 669 AD).notifications2 games
6th century (5XX)Takes place during the 6th century (from 501-01-01 to 600-12-31).notifications1991 / 20135 games
6th Century BCTakes place during the 6th century BC (from 600-01-01 BC to 501-12-31 BC).notifications1983 / 20135 games
6th millennium (5XXX)Set somewhere in the 6th millennium, from 5001-01-01 till 6000-12-31.notifications1986 / 20074 games
7th Century BCTakes place during the 7th century BC (from 700-01-01 BC to 601-12-31 BC).notifications4 games
7th Century(6XX)Takes place during the 6th century (from 601-01-01 to 700-12-31).notifications1987 / 20139 games
7thmillennium (6XXX)Set somewhere in the 7th millennium, from 6001-01-01 till 7000-12-31.notifications1986 / 19974 games
8th CenturyTakes place during the 8th century AD (from 701-01-01 to 800-12-31).notifications1982 / 20136 games
8th Century BCTakes place during the 8th century BC (from 800-01-01 BC to 701-12-31 BC).notifications4 games
8th millenium (7XXX)Set somewhere in the 8th millennium, from 7001-01-01 till 8000-12-31.notifications1 game
9th Century (8xx)Takes place during the 9th century AD (from 801-01-01 to 900-12-31).notifications1994 / 20168 games
9th Century BCTakes place during the 9th century BC (from 900-01-01 BC to 801-12-31 BC).notifications4 games
Across ages (Panhistoric)The game story or gameplay goes through ages; from one era to another.notifications1990 / 201648 games
Age of Discovery (Age of Exploration)Time period spanning from 15th to 17th century. Markedly the point of time when Columbus found the New World, America.notifications1984 / 201632 games
Age of RevolutionA time period spanning from 1775 to 1848 during which many old governments were overthrown and replaced by modern/democratic ones.notifications1981 / 201444 games
Age of SailA historical period lasting from 16th to mid 19th century.notifications1982 / 201870 games
Ahistoric[ahistorical]Ignores known historical facts, either by ignorance or on purpose.notifications2007 / 20135 games
Alternate timeline (Alternate history)The story is set in alternate timeline of the original canon of the game (series) or the real world. Essentially, [i]something[/i] happened differently (e.g. no WW1-2) in the past and development of historical events went another way since.notifications1987 / 2020284 games
American Civil WarSet in the US between 1861-1865 when 3 million fought & 600,000 died in a civil war sparked by the announced secession of 7 (later 11) states.notifications1975 / 2012114 games
American Revolutionary War (American War of Independence)A war between the Kingdom of Great Britain and thirteen British colonies on the North American continent, including some naval conflicts. Spanning from 1775 to 1783.notifications1984 / 201418 games
Anachronic[anachronism]Objects, technology, or expressions appearing in regular use much after they were phased out or much before they were introduced or invented.notifications1992 / 201815 games
Ancient Egyptnotifications1976 / 201730 games
Ancient Greecenotifications1982 / 201519 games
Ancient IndiaThe [url=/groups/info/india]India Location[/url] & a time period tag between the 70th Century BC and 4th century AD.notifications3 games
Ardennes Offensive (Battle of the Bulge;Battle of the Ardennes)A major German offensive during the World War II between 1944-12-16 and 1945-01-25 fought on the Ardennes Mountain region of Belgium, France and Luxembourg.notifications1980 / 201322 games
Atari-Nintendo Famicom Partnership[1983][quote]Nintendo will, in the interests of expediency for this Christmas season, program 4 Atari titles of our choice.[/quote]notifications1983 / 19875 games
Battle of AntietamBattle of the American Civil War, fought on September 17, 1862 near Sharpsburg, Maryland.notifications1985 / 19969 games
Battle of AuerstadtA Napoleonic battle. Closely related to The Battle of Jena.notifications1988 / 19893 games
Battle of AusterlitzA Napoleonic battle, which took place on 2nd Dec 1805 and considered to be one of the greatest victories of Napoleon.notifications1985 / 19898 games
Battle of BorodinoA Napoleonic battle.notifications1987 / 19899 games
Battle of BritainThe Battle of Britain was a Second World War campaign in which the German Luftwaffe and British Royal Air Force fought for air superiority. Took place from 10 July – 31 October 1940.notifications1982 / 19908 games
Battle of ChickamaugaThe Battle of Chickamauga is a major battle in the American Civil War, fought on September 18–20, 1863.notifications1987 / 19889 games
Battle of GettysburgThe Battle of Gettysburg is a major battle in the American Civil War, fought on July 1–3, 1863.notifications1982 / 199013 games
Battle of JenaA Napoleonic battle. Closely related to The Battle of Auerstadt.notifications1988 / 19893 games
Battle of MidwayRegarded as the most important battle in the Pacific Campaign during World War II where the U.S. Navy defeated Japanese attack on the Midway Atoll.notifications1980 / 200728 games
Battle of MoscowRussian forces successfully defended Moscow and counter-attacked Germany's Operation Typhoon forces from 1941-10-02 to 1943-01-17notifications1 game
Battle of Patay1429-06-18 England vs. France. The culminating engagement of the Loire Campaign.notifications1 game
Battle of Quatre BrasA Napoleonic battle.notifications1988 / 19893 games
Battle of Rabaul (Operation R)A WWII battle between the invading Japanese forced & dispatched mostly Australian Allied army ostensibly on January 23, 1942.notifications2 games
Battle of SmolenskA world war II battle between German and Soviet forces near Smolensknotifications2 games
Battle of StalingradA WW2 Battle often considered the decisive turning point in eastern Europe; A German/Axis attack turned defeat by USSR counter-offensive. All Axis killed or captured, including ones sent to facilitate retreatnotifications1988 / 19963 games
Battle of ThermopylaeA battle famous because 300 Spartans held their ground against as many as 2,360,000 soldiers including 10000 of the enemies best, and also war animalsnotifications1 game
Battle of VerdunA WWI battle between the attacking German army & defending French in France that lasted 302 days.notifications2014 / 20152 games
Battle of Verneuil1424-08-17, 1 of the deadliest battles in the 100 years war, English (& dutch) vs. the French & Scots (who were the bulk of the fighters & dead that day)notifications1 game
Battle of WaterlooA Napoleonic battle.notifications1985 / 199720 games
Bc1200sSet in the 1200s BC (from the beginning of 1209 BC to the end of 1200 BC).notifications1 game
Bc1280s ( -128X, -1280s, bc128X)Set in 1280s BC (from the beginning of 1289 BC to the end of 1280 BC).notifications1 game
Bc1300sSet in 1300s BC (from the beginning of 1309 BC to the end of 1300 BC).notifications4 games
Belle Époque (La Belle Époque)A period in European history preceding World War I that began in late 19th century.notifications1985 / 201033 games
British Empire (British Commonwealth)A large empire controlled by the United Kingdom spanning from the start of Age of Discovery till the second World War.notifications1990 / 20156 games
Bronze Age themeDepicts an era similar to that of before middles ages and likely before antiquity, but not necessarily predating recorded history as the real-world bronze age did.notifications1987 / 201925 games
Chernobyl disasterTied to the Chernobyl disaster, or the location, that occurred in April 1986. Factual or not.notifications2007 / 20136 games
Chinese imperial eraFrom the rise of Qin dynasty in 221 BCE till fall of Qing dynasty in 1911 CE.notifications1985 / 200975 games
Chinese legends0 game
Classical antiquity (Classical period;Classical era)The time period spanning approximately 800 BCE to 500 CE.notifications1983 / 201665 games
Cold war(Cold warfrare)Involves any kind of cold war, where tension between two nations does not escalate to actual war, but is rife with posturing, espionage and sabotage, propaganda, political backstabbing, proxy wars, and likely an arms race.notifications1978 / 2017176 games
Colonial era[colonization;colonialism]A very broad time period characterized by more or less aggressive colonization of foreign lands, mainly by Europeans. Separated into two waves, 15th to 19th century and 19th to 20th century.notifications1971 / 202056 games
CrusadesReligiously-sanctioned military campaigns between 1095 and 1291 to gain & keep 'Christian' control of the Holy Land.notifications2004 / 201410 games
Dawn of a new age[epoch;turning point]Depicts events that mark the beginning of a new age.notifications1986 / 201842 games
Digital ageA time period starting with digital revolution and continuing into the unknown future.0 game
Disasterslist_alt0 game
Distant futureSet so far into future that it's impossible to determine how things would be like then besides the position of astral bodies.notifications1983 / 2019135 games
Distant pastSet so far into the past that recording actual dates would be largely meaningless (at farthest, older than the last ice age back in ~11000 BCE).notifications2012 / 20163 games
Division of KoreaRelates to the division of Korea into Soviet backed North and American backed South. Usually with the North (DPRK) being a military aggressor, playing the role of the now gone USSR.notifications2003 / 201012 games
Early modern period (Renaissance)A significant portion of the story takes place during the early modern period, spanning from 15th to 19th century.notifications1981 / 2016113 games
Edo period (江戸時代;Edo jidai;Tokugawa period;徳川時代;Tokugawa jidai)A period in Japanese history marking the last part of the Japanese feudal period, spanning from 1603 till 1876.notifications1986 / 201614 games
Falklands WarThe Falklands War was a ten-week war (2 April – 14 June 1982) between Argentina and the United Kingdom over two British dependent territories in the South Atlantic: the Falkland Islands, the South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands.notifications1983 / 19866 games
Feudal Japan(Japanese feudal period)A period in Japanese history that spanned from 12th to 19th century, known as the period of samurai, ninja (shinobi/kunoichi), warlords (especially Nobunaga), onmyōji, and early firearms.notifications1980 / 2020166 games (1 characters)
Fictional cold warSpecifically involves a fictional cold war.notifications1995 / 201313 games
Fictional historyProvides historical setting, events and people based on real historical evidence, yet tells a tale not found in any historical records.notifications1 game
First Baron's WarAn English civil war 1215–1217 between King John & barons who invited a foreign invader as a strategy. It continued after John's death in 1216.notifications1986 / 200213 games
First Indochina War(Dirty War;Anti-French Resistance War)A war fought between colonial French army and the Vietnamese National Army against Việt Minh, from 1946 to 1954, for independence of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.notifications1 game
First Punic WarThe 1st Punic War took place between 264-241 BC between Carthage & Rome.0 game
French and Indian War (Seven Years' War;La guerre de la Conquête;The War of Conquest)Subset of the Seven Years' War involving 42000 British opposed to 10000 French, 2200 Native & 7900 Colonist militia forces in North America 1754–1763notifications2006 / 20092 games
Gallipoli Campaign (Battle of Gallipoli;Dardanelles Campaign;Çanakkale Savaşı)At the peninsula of Gallipoli in the Ottoman Empire joint British & French & also including ANZAC forces attacked Turks to take Constantinople1 game
Gold RushOften when gold is found (or rumored) in an area, there are a large number of people in short time moving to claim & work there hoping to get rich.notifications1979 / 201723 games
Gulf War (Second Gulf War;Persian Gulf War)A war fought between Iraq and a multi-national coalition, from August 1990 till February 1991. A war born out of the first Gulf War (Iran-Iraq War). This is also called First Gulf War in spite of the fact that it was the second one.notifications1991 / 200923 games
Heian Period (平安時代)Last part of Classical Japanese History 794–1185. Begins with Kammu moving the capital to Nagaoka-kyo (Kyoto) & ends with Taira's defeat (Gempei War)notifications1 game
Historic figure[historical figure]The story centers around one or more specific historical figures, with the player assuming their role or working closely with them, or the figure being otherwise very important/common part of the overall story.notifications1988 / 201214 games (4 characters)
Historical nationsAny nations, countries, or such that no longer exist in modern times.list_alt0 game
Historically inaccurateSet in historic times, yet fails to adhere to facts known of those times.notifications1981 / 201417 games
Hundred Years' War (Guerre de Cent Ans)A conflict in France from 1337 till 1453.notifications2001 / 20156 games
Hybrid Age GameFollows the Information/Digital Age. Marks the merging of nano, bio, and digital technology with AI resulting in potentially immortal hybrids of artificial & natural lifeformsnotifications1 game
Hybrid Age themeDepicts an age akin to the Hybrid Age, an age of hybridization of natural & artificial lifeforms, but not necessarily tied to real world's history or theorized future.notifications1986 / 201517 games
Ikkō-ikki (一向一揆)In 15 & 16th centuries, peasant farmers, Buddhist monks, Shinto priests, & local nobles joined forces to violently rebel against the ruling Samurai. notifications2 games
Imperium Romanum (The Roman Empire)The Roman Empire while under autocratic rule (existed previously as a republic) from 0049-10-?? BC till its end in AD 620 (scholar's consensus).notifications1982 / 2019105 games
Industrial age[industrial era]A time period spanning from industrial revolution to digital revolution.notifications2010 / 20126 games
InterbellumAn interwar period in Europe from first World War to the second (1918 – 1939) marked by struggles against the devastation of the previous war, prosperity of the 20s, and the Great Depression of 1929.notifications1989 / 20155 games
Interwar periodA period between two wars without significant lapse in tensions.notifications1988 / 20209 games
Iraq WarA war in Iraq starting in March of 2003 with invasion by United States to counter alleged WMDs and to remove Saddam Hussein which was responded to by local insurgents rising up to oppose the occupation. The occupation ended in December of 2011.notifications2003 / 20115 games
Iron AgeAll or part of the story takes place during a local Iron Age.notifications1992 / 20145 games
Late antiquityA historical transitory phase in Europe between classical antiquity and the early middle ages, from 2nd century (~230s) till 5th (~470s) or even 7th century (~750s).notifications5 games
Late modernIncludes late modern (~1850 to present and beyond) setting but is not necessarily tied to Europe or the rest of the world in the associated time period nor the associated cultures.notifications2011 / 20132 games
Late modern periodFrom 19th century (~1850) to present and beyond to the unknown future.notifications1977 / 2021891 games
Loire campaignA series of five battles by the French against the English in the Hundred Years War.notifications1 game
Media: PunchtapeComes on one or more punch tapes.notifications1976 / 19778 games
Mesoamerican theme (Aztec, Mayan or Olmec theme)Features one or more of the tightly related pre-Columbian Mesoamerican cultures (Aztec, Mayan and Olmec) or otherwise uses a theme very much like them.notifications1982 / 201590 games (3 characters)
Mesopotamian theme (Babylonian, Assyrian, Sumerian or Akkadian theme)Uses ancient Mesopotamian cultures as a thematic element.notifications1978 / 201410 games
Mexican-American War (U.S.–Mexican War;Mexican War)Armed conflict between the USA & Mexico 1846.–1848 after the 1845 annexation of Texas (after the 1836 Texas Revolution).notifications1987 / 20097 games
Middle ages (Dark ages)All or part of the story is set in the Europeon historic period from the fall of Rome (late antiquity) to advent of Renaissance, roughly 4th to 15th century CE.notifications1982 / 2016139 games
Napoleonic warsNapoleonic wars were continuation of the French revolutionary wars, covering a short period from 1803 to 1815 CE. Perhaps best known for Battle of Waterloo.notifications1980 / 201564 games (1 characters)
Oda Nobunaga (織田 信長)Somehow deals with the feudal Japanese warlord, Oda Nobunaga.notifications1994 / 20064 games (1 characters)
Operation BagrationA historic World War 2 military operation on the eastern front between 1944-06-22 and 1944-08-19 performed by the Soviet Red Army.notifications1 game
Operation Barbarossa (Unternehmen Barbarossa)A military operation during World War 2 by Germany on the eastern front, from 1941-06-22 till 1941-12-05.notifications1990 / 20165 games
Operation Market GardenA dual-phased allied operation during the World War 2 that was waged in Netherlands and Germany from 1944-09-17 till 1994-09-25.notifications1985 / 201315 games
Operation OverlordA historic World War 2 military operation on the western front that started with Normandy landings (1944-06-06) and ended with liberation of Paris (1944-08-25).notifications1988 / 20137 games
Pacific War (Asia-Pacific War)A war that began on 1941-12-07 (or 1937-07-07) and lasted till 1945-09-02 when the Japanese surrendered.notifications1986 / 200915 games
Parachronic(Metachronic)[Parachronism;Metachronism]Objects, technology, or expressions appearing in regular use much after they were phased out.notifications2003 / 201911 games
Peloponnesian warAncient Greek war fought by Athens and its empire against the Peloponnesian League led by Sparta in 431-404 BC.1 game
PleistocenicSet in Pleistocene epoch or in an era similar to it, which spanned roughly 2.5 million to 100 thousand years ago, with human stone age occurring at the very late portion of it. Known for animals such as mammoths and sabertooth tigers.notifications2001 / 201218 games
Post war period[post-war]A period immediately after a war where the effects of that war are still felt even if the fighting has ceased for good.notifications2006 / 20135 games
Post-Cold War EraDeals with the era of adjustment and fallout conflicts after the end of the Cold War (beginning 1991ish).notifications1992 / 20216 games
Post-modernNot too removed from modern era, but enough that notable change in cultural, technological, and political climate has happened.notifications1993 / 201331 games
Post-Modern Age (New Age;Post-Modern Era)Depicts some age following the modern period.notifications1987 / 20144 games
Pre-Columbian WarfareBattles and wars between peoples of the Americas before European influences marked by the arrival of Christopher Columbus.list_alt0 game
Pre-industrial0 game
Pre-islamic SettingLocated in the middle-east but set in the time before Arab conquests.notifications1 game
Prehistoric PeriodAll or significant part of the story is set in times after evidence of humans & before written history, as defined by science.notifications1984 / 201629 games
Prochronic[prochronism]Items, expressions, ideas, etc. appearing in a time before they were invented and thus could not have been there.notifications1992 / 19993 games
Second Punic War (The Hannibalic War)The 2nd Punic War took place between 218-201 BC between Carthage & Rome. Hannibal's crossing of the Alps was a notable event of the war.notifications2 games
Seven Years' WarA war waged by Great Britain against France, and the various allies of both, from 1756 till 1763.notifications1 game
Space AgeAn era started by the launch of Sputnik, the first artificial satellite, in 1957.notifications1971 / 201819 games
Spacefaring age(Spacefarer era)[spacefaring era;spacefarer age]Set in an age where space travel is fairly commonplace, colonies outside the protagonist's home planet have already been set (or are being set right at the moment) and there's interplanetary commerce and possibly even tourism going on.notifications1971 / 2020635 games
Spanish Civil Warnotifications1997 / 19982 games
The Great DepressionThe major worldwide economic decline marked by 1929's "Black Tuesday" in the USA that took many countries years to recover from.notifications1986 / 19861 game
The Shang Dynasty (商朝;Shāng cháo;Yin Dynasty;殷代;Yīn dài)Set in the Yellow River valley 2nd millennium BC when this dynasty ruled.notifications1 game
The War of 1812Between the US & UK & its colonies (mostly Canada), from 1812-6-1 to 1814-12-4. But the last battle was 1815-2-12.notifications1981 / 20154 games
Third Punic WarThe 3rd Punic War took place between 149-146 BC between Carthage & Rome.0 game
Time periodslist_alt0 game
Time periods: Asialist_alt0 game
Time periods: Europelist_alt0 game
Vague dateProvides enough information to validate the setting is Eearth or some time in past or future, but fails to provide date in any decent accuracy, such as stating the events take in 20XX or not even that and just presents modern world with no dates.notifications2011 / 20164 games
VictorianUses Victorian (1830s to 1900s British Empire) style setting, yet not necessarily tied to the British Empire nor the associated culture or time period(s).notifications1990 / 201827 games
Vietnam War (Second Indochina War;Vietnam Conflict;American War)A war that took place in in Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam from 1959 till 1975-04-30.notifications1982 / 201470 games
Warring States period (Sengoku jidai;戦国時代)A period in Japanese history spanning from mid 15th to early 17th century.notifications1982 / 201978 games (1 characters)
WarsAny tags for specific wars.list_alt0 game
Wars of the RosesWars between the houses of Lancaster and York for the throne of England, fought between 1455 and 1485.notifications1991 / 20122 games
Winter War (Talvisota;Vinterkriget;Зимняя война)A war fought between Soviet Union and Republic of Finland from 1939-11 till 1940-03.notifications1 game
World War I (WWI;First World War)The war fought primarily in Europe from July 1914 till November 1918, between the Entente and Central Powers.notifications1981 / 201798 games
World War II (WW2;World War 2;WWII;Second World War;Вторая мировая война;Great Patriotic War)A war fought from 1939-09-01 till 1945-09-02, between the Allies and the Axis Powers.notifications1975 / 2020974 games (1 characters)
Year 0There is no year 0 in the Julian or Georgian calendars. Its use is inaccurate, a joke, or artistic license.notifications2009 / 20163 games
Yom Kippur WarWar fought by the coalition of Arab states led by Egypt and Syria against Israel from October 6 to 25, 1973.notifications1 game
BarbariansPeople whom romans view as culturally inferior and uncivilized, like germans, gauls, britons... also in fantasy sometimes a "barbarian" is a character whose chamanic vestement, rawness and brute force resembles the romans' view of this tribes.notifications1978 / 20209 games
Holy Roman Empire (Heiliges Römisches Reich;Imperium Romanum Sacrum;Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation;Heiliges Römisches Reich Deutscher Nation;Imperium Romanum Sacrum Nationis Germanicæ)An empire in central Europe that existed roughly from 962 till 1806.notifications1992 / 20142 games
Korean War (Korean Conflict;抗美援朝戰爭;抗美援朝战争;朝鮮戰爭;朝鲜战争)A Cold War satellite war fought from 1950 till 1953 that resulted from Allied Powers occupying the formerly Japan occupied south Korea and Soviet troops occupying the north. N & S Korea, US, China, UN and USSR were involved.notifications1982 / 201129 games
Post-WWII Cold WarA conflict mainly between US & Soviet Union from 1940ish to 1990ish that never erupted into military conflict directly between the two.notifications1982 / 201961 games
Sharp X1 TurboGames that need at least a Sharp X1 Turbo to run or have a special Sharp X1 Turbo version released.notifications1988 / 19919 games
Stone AgeSet in Stone Age, the prehistoric age before metals were mastered.notifications1984 / 20163 games
The Hanseatic League (Hanse;Hansa;Hansa Teutonica;Liga Hanseatica)Features interaction with the Hanse. A dominant 13th–17th century economic alliance of trading cities & associated guilds of Northern Europe.notifications1986 / 201118 games
War on DrugsA 1969–2009 campaign by the USA with cooperating allies to reduce illegal drug tradenotifications1988 / 19954 games
AntiquitySet in one of the ancient pre-medieval but not prehistoric times or in one like such.notifications1983 / 2020189 games
Early modern(Renaissance theme;Early modern period theme )Includes early modern (15th to 19th century; a.k.a. Renaissance) setting but is not necessarily tied to Europe in the associated time period nor the associated cultures. Known for Age of Sail, Victorian era, and Age of Revolution.notifications1990 / 201647 games
FutureSet in the future, as seen from the point of the game's release.notifications1971 / 20212665 games
ISIS ConflictA long series of military attacks & massacres by an organisation dedicated to a single dictatorship one-world 'Islamic' government.notifications1 game
Medieval (Mediæval)Uses a medieval setting, yet not necessarily tied to Europe in the middle ages nor the associated cultures.notifications1974 / 20211075 games
PastSet in the past, as seen from the point of the game's release, but not necessarily depicted as historical (e.g. heavy use of prochronic elements, alternate timeline, etc.). Or otherwise not related to any known historical events.notifications1975 / 2021852 games
Prehistoric[Prehistoric setting;Prehistoric theme]Includes a prehistoric setting, but does not necessarily relate to any real historical findings or known facts.notifications1983 / 2017199 games
Present (Modern)[Present day;Modern day]The events of the story are set roughly around the time the game was made or published - or a setting resembling such.notifications1977 / 2021801 games
Prohibition eraSet on any era of (alcohol) prohibition, whether factual or fictional. Commonly a time when organized crime flourishes due to more interest in black market items from regular people.notifications1986 / 201817 games
UchroniaSet in hypothetical time period on Earth.notifications1982 / 2014163 games