19th century

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Takes place during the 19th century (from 1801-01-01 to 1900-12-31).


Alternate name: 18XX

The first video game about 19th century was released in 1968.

SSG, SSI and Infogrames has published most of these games

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Slavery was greatly reduced on earth, even pirates lost interest in the practice.
Piracy reached its peak in the modern era .
The Napoleonic wars were from 1803 to 1815.
The Age of Revolution ended in 1848.
The Age of Sail ended.
1800 marks the end of The Renaissance (Early Modern Period) and beginning the Late Modern Period
The Era of Invention began in this century.
The Industrial Revolution began in this century.
The Information Age (still loosely defined by historians) possibly began in this century via Charles Babbage's 1837 computer design that used punch cards (joining the ancient technology of mechanical computers with a general data storage technology invented in 1725)
1803 Thomas Jefferson (elected 1801) bought all of France's territorial interests in North America (mainly the Louisiana Purchase). This bean the supposed "Manifest Destiny" (US expansionism).
Boardgames greatly increased in popularity in this century.
The Ottoman Empire rapidly declined. Mecca, under Ottoman control since 1517, changed hands several times being captured by the First Saudi State, later the Second Saudi State, and finally back under Ottoman by the end of the century.
The steam locomotive was invented and railways vastly expanded to accommodate it.
Egypt and Japan became modernized.
Photography was invented in this century.
The Holy Roman Empire was dissolved
The order of Teutonic Knights, a stable and uneventful order since 1515, was stripped of is secular property by Napoleon in 1809. It was reduced a charitable and ceremonial order.
Mexican War of Independence.
The Spanish Empire rapidly declined and was left with only two colonies.
The Portuguese Empires rapidly declined and was left with a few colonies on the Earth.
War of 1812
Shaka Zulu reigned over the Zulu Empire.
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormonism) is established.
The Spanish Inquisition officially ends.
Texas happened to us all.
Electrochemical telegraph lines were established
Electromagnetism is scientifically calculated.
The Irish Potato Famine occurred.
The Communist Manifesto was published.
Governments began implementing equal political rights of females in general (as opposed to making exceptions for some females) near the end of this century.
Most Gold Rushes of history occurred in this century.
The Taiping Rebellion occurred.
The American Civil War occurred.
Japan officially ended their Sakoku policy (isolationism).
Darwin published The Origin of Species.
The 'International Red Cross' was founded.
After 5 attempts, the first Transatlantic Telegraph Cable is successfully laid. In this century, the first cable would fail and be replaced by two additional cables..
The British East India Company was dissolved.
Gandhi discovers social injustice and begins working in South Africa.
Large electric power grids were created.
Jack the Ripper committed his (or her) murders.
The majority of massacres of Native Americans took place in this century.
The American Old West predominately occurred in the last half of this century.
The First Sino-Japanese War ended at the end of this century resulting in the cession by China of Taiwan to Japan and a policy by China not to interfere with Japan in Korea.
The modern Olympic Games were revived in 1896.

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