World War II

Historical theme

A war fought from 1939-09-01 till 1945-09-02, between the Allies and the Axis Powers.

Alternate names: WW2, World War 2, WWII, Second World War, Вторая мировая война, Great Patriotic War

Most countries refer to this as the "Second World War" (in their own language). In the USA it is common to say "World War Two" which is written "World War II" or abbreviated WWII and "Second World War " is occasionally used. In the Soviet Union it was known as the Great Patriotic War (Вторая мировая война). This name continues to be used in the former Soviet Union countries and states.
* 1930s - 1940s
* Late modern period

Operations: (military campaigns)
* Battle of Midway
* Ardennes Offensive (a.k.a. Battle of the Bulge)
* Operation Bagration
* Operation Overlord
* Operation Barbarossa
Eastern front:
* Operation Star (Zvesda)
* Operation Gallop

* Nazis

The first World War II video game was released in 1975.

SSI, Avalon Hill and Electronic Arts published most of these games.

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1940s, Late modern period, Wars, World war

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Battle of Midway, Ardennes Offensive, Operation Bagration, Operation Overlord, Operation Barbarossa, Pacific War, Operation Market Garden, Battle of Stalingrad


Adolf Hitler
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