About dandyboh


Nickname : dandyboh, sometimes dandybohemia, refers to "The Dandy Warhols" and their third album, "Thirteen Tales from Urban Bohemia".
Real name : Joris.
Status : Married, one daughter.
Location : Europe, France, near Lyon.
Age : 35.
Languages : French, English, Italian (a little). I tried to learn Japanese and Spanish.
Occupation : Web developer.
Hobbies : Playing, collecting, and learning history of video games, juggling (balls, clubs, devil stick and contact), listening music (electro / electro-punk / electro-dub, rock / post-rock / noise rock, ska, dub, drum 'n bass / jungle / hardtek, hip hop / abstract hip-hop, punk / post-punk, digital hardcore, 8bit / chiptune, and much more...), kiting, playing table football, watching real football (soccer), drinking and tasting beers (especially fond of English and American ales / IPAs and stouts), playing board games and card games.

Contribute to UVL since : 5th February 2005 (or before ?).
Why ? : Of course because I love video games. I noticed that Google often sent me to UVL when looking for informations on games little known. At the beginning, I used UVL to find informations for my own database (concerning every game I ever played), but I noticed my database was awful, poor and unpractical compared with UVL. I have now forgotten my old database and contribute to UVL.
Favorite platforms : Mega Drive, Saturn, Amstrad CPC, PlayStation 1, Playstation 2.
Favorite series : Shining Force, Puyo Puyo, Final Fantasy, Fire Emblem, Persona, Lode Runner,...

Platforms I own :

* Master System (PAL, Master System 1, Alex Kidd built-in)
* Mega Drive (PAL, Mega Drive 1)
* Mega Drive (PAL, Mega Drive II)
* Game Gear (PAL)
* Pico (PAL, Winnie the Pooh Pack, with instructions, not working)
* Saturn (PAL, Model-1, Virtua Fighter Pack, boxed with instructions, not functioning)
* Saturn (PAL, Model-2)
* Dreamcast (PAL)

* Nintendo Entertainment System (PAL FAH, Super Mario Bros. / Duck Hunt pack with Light Phaser, boxed)
* Game Boy (PAL, standard pack, boxed with instructions)
* Super Nintendo (PAL)
* BS-500AS (pirate, clone of Nintendo Family Computer)
* Neo Fami (clone of Nintendo Family Computer, black, boxed)
* Game Boy Color (PAL, Clear purple)
* Game Boy Color (PAL, Pokémon Special Edition)
* N64 (PAL, Pack Mario 64, boxed)
* Game Boy Advance (PAL, Indigo)
* Game Boy Advance (PAL, White)
* Game Boy Advance SP (PAL, Blue)
* GameCube (PAL, Indigo, not working)
* GameCube (PAL, Black)
* Nintendo DS (Jap, DS Lite Crystal White, complete in box, not working)
* Wii (PAL, Wii Mini, boxed with instructions)
* Nintendo 2DS (PAL, Red + white, boxed with instructions)

* PlayStation 1 (PAL, SCPH9002, Chipped)
* PlayStation 1 (PAL, SCPH7502, boxed)
* PlayStation 2 (PAL, PSTwo, Pink, scratches CDs & DVDs)
* PlayStation 2 (PAL, PSTwo, Black)
* PlayStation 3 (PAL (fr), PS3 Ultra Slim, Charcoal black, 500Go, boxed with instructions)
* PlayStation 3 (PAL, PS3 Slim, Charcoal black, 320Go, boxed, not working)
* PSP (PAL, PSP Street, Pack Fifa 12 - Black, boxed with instructions)
* PlayStation Vita (Slim, Jap, Glacier White, boxed with instructions)

* Atari ST 1040E (not working)
* Flashback 3 (Boxed with instructions)

* Philips Videopac C52/04 (PAL Fr, boxed with instructions)
* Philips CD-i 210 (PAL, with MPEG card)

* Xbox (PAL)
* Microsoft Xbox 360 (PAL, Elite, pack FFXIII, black, boxed with instructions)

* MB Microvision (PAL, boxed with instructions)
* WonderSwan Color (Jap, SwanCrystal Blue Metallic, boxed with instructions)
* MSX Sony HB-501F (Fr, with a cassette loader and two cartridge slots)
* TI-99/4A (PAL)
* Supervision (PAL, first model)

Toys / electronic handhelds
* Parker Brothers Merlin (electronic handheld game)
* Texas Instruments Dictée Magique (PAL, with two add-ons, French version of "Speak & Spell")
* Brick Game (original grey model)

* An aging computer with Windows 7 and Ubuntu (dual boot)

* Xiaomi Redmi 6A with Android.

Platforms I chronologically owned when I was a child :
* Amstrad CPC 464
* Amstrad CPC 6128+
* Nintendo NES
* SEGA Master System II
* SEGA Mega Drive II

Games I collect :
* Games I played when I was a child.
* Tactical-RPGs for every platform.
* Lode Runner series.
* Final Fantasy series.
* Saturn japanese adventures games.
* Puzzle and turn-based strategy games for every platform.

Other things I collect :
* Cows drawings
* Everything related to Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass
* Stamps (I don't collect them anymore)
* Magic the Gathering trading card game (I don't collect them anymore)
* Fairy Figurines
* Beer labels




- Adding Amstrad CPC games, screenshots and missing informations.
- Adding Super Nintendo screenshots and missing informations, splitting duplicate games, deleting non-games.
- Adding officially released descriptions to some Mega Drive games, alphabetically, and missing data (mostly : developer, perspective, languages, non-latin titles, player options).
- Adding missing GB/GBC/GBA in-game screenshots.
- Adding reviews (now doing Joystick magazine).
- Adding XBLA games.

Suspending (to continue):
- Adding Thomson games + screenshots. Difficult to find informations for every game.
- Adding NeoGeo Pocket bw/color games and pictures.
- Adding sport tags to sport games.
- Adding Japanese / Korean / etc... titles to Megadrive and Saturn games.
- Adding screenshots (title + in-game) to Game Gear games alphabetically.
- Adding Saturn covers (+ possibly some screenshots) to most popular games.
- Adding appropriate tags to cancelled / unconfirmed Master System games.
- Adding Mega Force and Joypad reviews. Lots of issues are missing.

Done but not finished:
- Adding appropriate tags to cancelled / unconfirmed Saturn games.
- Added Vtech Smile & Vtech Flash games. As games are still released for these platforms, I'll have to keep a watch.
- Added VRC ratings to Genesis / Pico / Game Gear / Mega-CD games. There may be some missing ones for Pico and PC games mostly.
- Added Consoles+ reviews (recent magazines + various ones are missing); Supersonic reviews (most magazines are missing); Joypad reviews (recent magazines + various ones are missing); Mega Force (most magazines are missing)

- To add games and screenshots to EXL100, Oric, ChannelF, Sharp X68000, Tandy and Vectrex..
- To add perspectives, relations and tags to Megadrive and Saturn games.
- To add missing NES screenshots and informations

- Added VG5000 informations and screens.
- Added missing japanese PCE CD games, covers, informations and hardware tags - but I still need to check games as I noticed lots of PCE CD games are noted as PCE games.
- Added missing Sega Saturn games (all official games should be present in the db).
- Added WonderSwan and WonderSwan Color games (informations + screenshots).
- Added Enterprise games and pictures. Still miss a lot of informations and pictures, difficult to find more.
- Added Aquarius games.
- Added Mega LD games.
- Added Gizmondo games and pictures.
- Added Action Max games (just a few games, difficult to find images, couldn't find publisher(s) list).
- Added / corrected informations / screenshots to Megadrive games. Still looking for informations about some games that I think they don't exist (see this thread).
- Added VG5000 games.
- Added Game Boy / Game Boy Color informations + screenshots.
- Added Game Boy Advance games, informations & screenshots.
- Added Sord M5 games.
- Added all Mean Machines Sega, Sega Saturn Magazine, Player One, Amstar, Amstrad 100% reviews.
- UVL's French translation.

dandyboh has edited/added 31419 games, added 22670 images and 38478 articles.
Is enabled to add tags, edit and delete games, write articles.

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