Made in France by Thomson in 1982
Thomson 9000, in 1980, was a never released prototype.

Thomson TO7, released in november 1982, sold 7000FF (2013 equivalent: 2284€).
Processor Motorola 6809 1MHz, 8K RAM, 16K VRAM, 6K ROM, display 40x25 text mode, 320x200 graphic mode, 8 colors.
"Memo7" cartridge slot, external cassette drive and floppy disk drive. Keyboard, light pen and controllers. Basic 1.0
In june 1984, Thomson TO7/70 was released. Same as above except: Motorla 6809E 1MHz, 48K RAM (extensible to 112K), 16 colors.
Thomson TO7 softwares were compatible with Thomson TO7/70, but the opposite is not always true.

Thomson MO5, released on 9 June 1984. Same as TO7/70 except: 48K RAM (extensible to 96K), 16K ROM, sold 2390FF (2013 equivalent: 662€).
In 1985, Thomson MO5E (Export) was released in Germany, Switzerland and Spain.
Later in the same year, Thomson MO5NR (NanoRéseau) was released, with the possibility connect up to 31 MO5NR computers together. The MO5NR had the same characteristics as Thomson MO6.

Thomson TO9, released on 16 september 1985. Same as MO5 except: 128K RAM (extensible to 196K), 136K ROM. 3.5" floppy disk drive. Basic 128. Sold 8950FF (2013 equivalent: 2344€).

Thomson MO6, released in september 1986 (known in Italy as Olivetti Prodest PC128). Same as TO9 except: 128K RAM, 64K ROM. Sold 2690FF (2013 equivalent: 686€).

Thomson TO8, released in september 1986. Same as MO5 except: 256K RAM (extensible to 512K), 80K ROM, 8 graphics modes, 4096 colors (up to 16 simultaneously), up to 640x200 graphic mode. Basic 512 from Microsoft. Sold 2990FF (2013 equivalent: 763€).
In 1987, Thomson TO8D was equipped with a 3.5" floppy disk drive.

Later models, Thomson TO16 and variants (TO16 PC, TO16 PCM, TO16 XPDD and TO16 XPHD) were PC compatibles, with MS-DOS 3.21, first one released on september 1987.

"TO" means "Télé/Ordinateur" (Television / Computer).

MO5 and TO7/70 were used in French schools after a special agreement between Thomson and the French government: more than 100 000 computers were sold to schools to teach children computer science and programming with Logo language.

In 1989, Thomson ceased to produce computers.

tech info

resolution: 160 x 200 to 640 x 200, up to 16 colors, 12 bit palette
memory: 256K RAM, 16K VRAM
CPU: Motorola 6809e 1 MHz
sound: 4 channels, 7 octaves (6 bits DAC)