Made in Japan by Nintendo in 2001
Generation: 6
Units sold: 21520000

Released games per year

010203040506070809101112131415 17644881320
2001-09-14 Japan
2001-11-18 North America
2002-05-03 Europe
2002-05-17 Australia
Small sized, reverse spin, DVD-Rom based.

To activate 640x480p (progressive scan mode), hold down the B button while turning on the GameCube. Some gamecube software is compatible with progressive scan mode and all GameCubes units are capable of outputting it. But units manufactured after 2004 for retail outlets have no Digital Out port which is required to plug into a progressive scan monitor. There is no obvious way to know which unit you are getting unless you look or ask when buying a used one or open the package when buying a new one. Nintendo does not advertise the fact, but they will replace your digital-portless GameCube with a unit that has a digital port, if you have purchased it new in the store. Or as an alternative, you may buy a post-2004 manufactured GameCube directly from Nintendo.

tech info

resolution: 24 bit colors
memory: 40M RAM
CPU: Gecko, custom IBM PowerPC 485MHz
GFX: ATI Technologies 162MHz
sound: Macronix DSP 81MHz, 64 channels, Dolby Pro Logic II

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