Cataloging color-clash techniques

2024-02-04 (updated 2024-02-05)
I want to categorize games based on the platforms where color clash issues occurred, relative to the approach selected by the developers to address the issue.
I've found four tecniques that should cover an game produced for the ZX Spectrum and in some cases MSX and C64 (maybe more ?)

I'm actually struggling to come up with suitable names ...
Not even sure if it should refer to "8-bit" and has to be easy to understand.

The tecniques are:

Dual tone
Games are self constrained to using only two colors for the play area to not experience color clash.

Color clash
Games are very colorful in the play area, but they are accompanied by strong color clash effects.

Monochromatic foregroud
Games that feature a single color for the play area's foreground graphics, eliminating strong color clash issues. The background can use any color.

Noclash design
Colorful games that avoid color clash in the play area positioning the graphical elements in ways that prevent the issue.

Any ideas ?

Don't know. I know it should be put in the container group of

If you would only have this specifically for the Spectrum (which is by far the most prominent computer having color clash) then I would make spc-dualtone, spc-colorclash, spc-monochromaticforeground and spc-noclashdesign. But you want to have this for more computers. So using the tags without the "spc-" part maybe and explain in the group description what this is exactly for?

Thank you, I'm more interested in the Spectrum but I'm not limiting to it as there are few other plaforms.