Iron Soldier 3

published by Vatical / Telegames in 2000-06-14, developed by Eclipse, running on PlayStation
type: shooter, action/reflex
genre: First-person shooter

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Worldwide industrialization has covered much of the earth's surface with large cities and wastelands. Global corporations, such as PENTA, are using military force to take over democratic governments in order to create a worldwide military dictatorship. As small conflicts became increasingly common, a need arises for a new type of weapon - a 42 foot tall piloted robot, known as the Iron Soldier. This powerful and flexible weapon system is used by the defense forces of the United Republic, one of the last independent states. The Iron Soldier can carry a wide variety of weapons, negotiate rough, urban terrain, and engage in close combat within the confines of dense industrial complexes. As part of the United Republic's elite defense force, your job is to pilot an IS and use it to stop PENTA Industries' terrorist activities thus protecting the UR from military harm.
# 2013-09-29 06:33:00 - official description
Now thanks to Iron Soldier 3, it's your turn to climb into the cockpit of a giant fighting machine and take on hundreds of enemies. There are over 25 single player missions for you to wage war through. Want to take on a friend? Now you can, with Iron Soldier 3's multi-player options. Want to take on the enemy with a friend? You can even do that too, with this game.
R2D2-A - # 2007-04-13 23:15:11 - official description

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display: textured polygons

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Iron Soldier 3 in-game screen.
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