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Wii Play

created and published by Nintendo in 2006-12-07, running on Wii
type: action/reflex
player options: single player
other: Games compilation

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Official descriptions (3)
Wii Play collects nine quick and addictive games that are easy to pick up and play and hard to put away. Thanks to the intuitive controls of the Wii Remote, even the most inexperienced gamers will have no trouble mastering the controls. Wii Play features nine seperate mini-games!
R2D2-A - # 2007-04-08 11:50:35 - official description
Minigames list:
* Shooting Range: The player shoots down targets ranging from clay pigeons to ducks to UFOs. In the final stage, the Mii a player is using appears on the screen, wandering in a field and being abducted by UFOs. If the player shoots that UFO down, the abductee returns to the field. To shoot targets, the player points at them with the Wii Remote pointer and presses the B button to fire. Players earn bonuses for not missing any shots
* Find Mii: The player must find and select specific Miis from a crowd within a set amount of time. If the player has any user-created Miis, they appear in the crowd as well. The crowds grow larger and start moving as the player clears more levels. The player selects Miis by pointing at them with the Wii Remote and pressing the A button
* Table Tennis: Players rally the ball back and forth, shooting for the longest sustained rally. In the multiplayer version, players compete to score points, as in traditional table tennis. Players use the pointer to move the paddle. The paddle swings automatically when the ball is close
* Pose Mii: The player moves his Mii on the screen, rotating it and changing its pose to match the silhouettes inside falling bubbles. The player must pop the bubble by matching its pose before the bubble hits the bottom of the screen. The Wii Remote’s pointer moves the Mii, and twisting the Wii Remote rotates the Mii on-screen. The A and B buttons change between three different poses
* Laser Hockey: Players move paddles on an air hockey table, trying to hit the puck past the opponent’s goal. The puck’s motion is affected by the angle of the paddle and the speed with which the puck is hit. The Wii Remote pointer moves the paddle, while twisting the Wii Remote rotates the paddle on the screen
* Billiards: The player must sink all nine balls in the proper order. In single player, if a player fails to hit the correct ball or sinks his cue ball, the player’s score drops; in multiplayer, the other player can place the ball anywhere on the screen before taking a turn. The Wii Remote pointer marks where the cue will strike the cue ball. While the cue is marked, moving the Wii Remote back and then swiftly forward slides the cue into the cue ball. The +Control Pad controls where the ball is aiming
* Fishing: Players must catch the fish indicated at the top of the screen. This game uses the Wii Remote: The pointer moves the hand holding the fishing pole. Moving forward places the hook farther out in the lake, while moving back places it hook closer. When a fish bites, the player yanks the Wii Remote back, pulling the fish out of the water. A "bonus" fish appears in a window on the screen, and catching that fish earns double the points
* Charge!: The player controls a charging cow, guiding it into scarecrows and knocking them over. Players control the cow by tilting the Wii Remote on its side and turning it like a steering wheel. Tilting forward speeds the cow up, and tilting back slows it down. Quickly raising the Wii Remote make the cow jump
* Tanks!: The player controls a tank and must shoot other tanks. The shots rebound once off the walls before disappearing. The player controls his tanks with the +Control Pad (Note: players can also use the Nunchuk’s control stick to steer the tank) and aim the tank’s cannon using the Wii Remote’s pointer. The A button fires the tank’s cannon, and the B button drops a mine with a large blast radius
# 2007-02-22 00:39:07 - official description
Wii Play includes games like Fishing, which uses the Wii Remote like a fishing rod; Billiards, which uses the Wii Remote as a pool cue; and Shooting Range, a target practice game played in the style of the classic Duck Hunt game from the Nintendo Entertainment System . Other games include Table Tennis (use paddles to rally for points), Charge! (control a charging cow), Tanks! (a tank battle) and Laser Hockey (use the Wii Remote as an air hockey paddle). Two games make extensive use of players' Mii caricatures. Pose Mii asks players to orient their Miis in a variety of different positions to match silhouettes, while Find Mii requires them to locate specific Miis within an ever-growing crowd.
# 2007-02-15 01:12:12 - official description
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