Scooby-Doo! Funland Frenzy

a.k.a. Scooby-Doo: Panique à Funland / Scooby-Doo: Misterio en el Parque

created and published by Vtech in 2007, running on V.Smile
type: edutainment
series: Scooby-Doo!
player options: single player
languages: eng fre spa

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Official description

4-6 years

Come along with Scooby-Doo as he investigates the haunted happenings at Funland Amusement Park! As kids help Scooby-Doo solve the mystery of Funland Frenzy, they engage in exciting games and activities that teach key school skills like spelling, math, problem solving and more. Four clever learning adventures take Scooby-Doo bounding through a tricky number maze, flying through mathematical obstacles, swimming through an underwater spelling bee and whizzing along a word-building roller coaster. Four shorter arcade-style games, focused on spelling, logic skills, math computation and object identification, keep kids on target with their learning.
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Technical specs

display: raster

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