Bomberman Ultra

published by Hudson Entertainment in 2009-06-11, developed by Hudson Soft, running on PlayStation 3
type: action/reflex
series: Bomberman

Official description

Bomberman Ultra includes all the classic gameplay elements that have made the series famous over the past few decades. Power-ups are as fun as ever and prove useful in order to dominate your opponents. And of course, the fast and frantic multiplayer action always keeps things heated! Along with the above features, Bomberman Ultra is packed with all of the options you'd expect for non-stop fun. Allowing for full customization of your character, Bomberman Ultra allows you to pick and choose from countless accessories, body styles, and other fashions to make a wholly unique Bomberman character! Feel like going as a pirate dressed in a tutu? Go for it. Up for a more space man look with a ninja suit on? By all means. The full Bomberman costume wardrobe is immediately unlockable at the very start of the game giving you more than 150,000 unique combinations. Fans find outrageous level designs across 14 stages that challenge gamers from all backgrounds. Keep a sharp eye as most stages have one or more unique gimmicks to add a little challenge to the map! From hazardous trap doors to deadly tornadoes, your character will usually have a lot more to worry about than your rivals trying to bomb you. Of course the real fun in Bomberman is the multiplayer! Bring your custom look to the battle arena with full 8 player online multiplayer over PSN and 4 player local multiplayer. A bevy of options are also available to you when setting up your frenzied matches to tailor them the way you’d like. From active gimmicks on the map to other gameplay options, every battle is yours to make your own.

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