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Echochrome II

published by Sony Computer Entertainment in 2010-09, developed by Game Yaruoze, running on PlayStation 3
type: puzzle
perspective: 3rd person

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Official description
Presenting a brand new take on the puzzle genre, Echochrome II introduces a unique twist on gameplay that lets players use pure imagination to solve puzzles by controlling light and shadows. A follow-up to the original PlayStation Network hit, Echochrome II introduces the PlayStation Eye camera and PlayStation Move motion controller to the series, offering a brand new experience to fans of the action/puzzle genre. Utilizing the PlayStation Move motion controller and the PlayStation Eye camera, players can rotate levels and control light and shadows to change the way objects are viewed and the shadows they cast. The ultimate goal is to lead your character through the path from beginning to end, while learning how a variety of different objects can be combined with perspectives, angles and the use of light can be used to help solve the puzzle. Beware ... much like Echochrome, the possibilities are infinite and there is always more than meets the eye as every person can view each puzzle differently!
# 2010-06-19 11:33:04 - official description
Technical specs
display: textured polygons
External reviews (2) - average: 74.5%
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Echochrome II in-game screen.
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