Killing Time

created and published by Studio 3DO in 1995-11, running on Windows
type: shooter
genre: First-person shooter
perspective: 1st person
player options: single player

Official description

Step into the horrifying mystery of Killing Time.
As a student of Egyptology searching for an ancient waterclock from the dynasty of the Pharaoh Ramses, you are the first person to walk onto the island of Matinicus, closed to visitors for more than 60 years. Meet young heiress Tess Conway, lost with her high society friends on the Summer Solstice, 1932. Tess was obsessed with the occult, and the water clock was rumored to grant everlasting life.

Can you find the secret of youth and still escape alive? You are trapped in a first-person passage through unspeakable evil. Surrounded by hosts of the undead, use your wits and your weapons to make your way to the heart of this terrible mystery. Creep through dark hallways into the dim rooms of the past, speak to the video-real shades of former residents, and kill or be killed until you solve the mystery of Matinicus Isle.

Key Features
1st person corridor action
Engrossing, compelling storyline
Sophisticated puzzle-solving and strategic elements
Over 20 3D-rendered enemies
Arm yourself with a selection of 8 different weapons
Careful searching reveals more than 20 types of power-ups throughout the estate
Shades of the past speak to you as you piece together the mystery
More than 45 areas to explore
Complete 360-degree view with intricate ceiling and floor designs
Continuous gameplay with no load time between action areas
Original music soundtrack
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Technical specs

display: textured polygons


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Killing Time in-game screen.
Killing Time (Windows)
Killing Time (Windows)
Killing Time (Windows)
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