LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues

published by LucasArts in 2009-11-17, developed by Traveller's Tales, running on Nintendo DS
type: adventure, action/reflex
perspective: side view
languages: eng


The game was released on November 17, 2009 in North America.[9][10] Like other Lego video games such as Lego Star Wars and Lego Batman, Lego Indiana Jones 2 lets the player control a Lego figure in areas related to movie scenes and situations, with an emphasis on exploration and problem-solving. It can be played solo or by two people simultaneously, with the same drop in/out co-op play which has become a staple of the Lego series. The game includes adaptions of the original three Indiana Jones movies. These offer all-new levels; none of the content has been recycled from the original game. There are also bonus levels that have to be discovered and are made using the level creator. Upon finishing these levels, the player can edit them at any time. The Kingdom of the crystal Skull has 3 parts. They include these levels:

Hanger Havoc/Forklift Fun-Area 51, Doom town/Dummy run-Mannequin town, Cafe chaos/Dinner Distraction-Acadame cafe, Motorbike chase/Bike Hike-Acadame, Crane train/Target training-train tops

Peru cell pursue/Musical Mania-Peru prison, Tomb doom/Tomb time-tomb of the crystal skull, Mac attack/mirror mayhem-Nazi campsite, Rainforest rumble/Forest forage-peru Rainforest, Duvencheko duel/Jungle jump-Anthills

Repair scare/campfire countdown-Mud pond, River rucus/Riverside rush-peru river, Temple tangle/Trick or Treasure-Ugha temple, Ugha struggle/Tie up High up-Ugha pyramid, Akator ambush/Pit of peril-kingdom of the crystal skull

For the main adventures of Indiana jones (1981, 1984 and 1989), the levels are:

Raven rescue/Toasty tavern-Ravenwood Tavern, Market Mayhem/Cairo Conundrum-Cairo, Map room mayhem/Cryptic crypt-Map room, After the ark/Desert dash-Desert road, Belloq battle/Buildozer-Isolated island

Lao chase/Shang High-Shanghai, Monkey Mischief/Wrong gong rung-Mayapore, Malice in the palace/disarming duel-Pankot palace, Temple Tantrum/Lava lake-Thuggee ceremony temple, Mola rampage/Cliff climber-indian jungle/cliffside

Coronado caper/Crab cake confusion-portugese coast, Brunwald blaze/castle quench-Brunwald castle, Berlin brawl/Perilous parking-Berlin,

Cannon canyon/Canyon quest-Canyon of the cresent moon, Trial and terror/Chalice challange-Temple of the Grail

Console versions of Lego Indiana Jones 2 include a level creator where players can create their own levels and objects. Two-player co-op mode has been enhanced with split-screen; rather than forcing both characters to always be close enough to fit on the same screen, the game will seamlessly split when characters wander apart and merge into one screen when both players are near each other. The hub has also been redesigned; where before each hub was a small area with easy access to levels which had been unlocked, now each hub is a large area in which entrances to levels must be discovered.

This game has trophy support on the PlayStation 3 version and on November 23, 2009, LucasArts revealed on Twitter that it is working on a patch for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game which will enable online co-op gameplay.[11]
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