Galactic Realms

published by Kyle Poole, running on Palm

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This is a PalmPilot game but a WinCE port is in the works. It is real-time strategy similar to Starcraft. The human race has finally put aside its differences. With the recent expansion into space, there is no need for conflicts over resources or ideals. People are leaving Earth in alarming numbers, some to start new colonies and others just to explore. To ensure that the transition is smooth and to keep Earth's newfound peace, the United Nations has set up a military task force designed to escort transports and uphold common law in space. Huge fleets of space vessels have been constructed for this task, and you are to command fleet Baker-19 as it escorts a new colony ship into deep space. You must build bases and ships, mine the asteroids to finance your operation, and destroy your enemies. The game takes full advantage of all the PalmPilot's capabilities, including 4 shades of gray, transparencies, and simultaneous processing. This is the future of PalmPilot games!
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