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Nails: Beginning of Your 'Heart Beat'

created and published by Jam in 1997-11-14, running on Windows
type: adventure
genre: Erotic, Manga
perspective: other
languages: jpn

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You are Jamlock (or Jamrock... everybody knows the "l and r" problem in Japanese), the best swordsman in Altiah. One day you were just back from the arena, and suddenly you heard that your home town was attacked by nails. You headed to your home town and found out everything was destroyed... and you lost your family and your beloved one: Tymtimaya
Five years passed. You stopped working as a soldier after the incident, and now you are a trainer. One day you were back from your job and you found a girl who lost her memory completely except her name: Minwy. She apparently is a priest from the church, and just when you were going to send her back, you were misconceived as the one who kidnapped the priest so you ran away from the city with her. Now the only way you can go back is go to the church and recover the girl's memory and then she can prove that you are innocent.

During the way, because of your "past painful memory", you protected her HARDLY... because you don't want to lose anything more. And she fell in love to you. When you got to the church and she recovered her memory there and you thought everything was over... she is kidnapped again... before your eyes... by a masked nail. Again, because of your "past painful memory" and to recover your innocence, you started the journey...
Technical specs
display: raster
Authors / Staff


Makoto Kubo (music)

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Nails: Beginning of Your 'Heart Beat' in-game screen.
Nails+Beginning+of+Your+Heart+Beat ()
Nails: Beginning of Your 'Heart Beat' (Windows)
Nails: Beginning of Your 'Heart Beat' (Windows)
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