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Casino Kid

a.k.a. 100 Man $ Kid: Maboroshi no Teiou Hen / 100万$キッド 幻の帝王編

created and published by Sofel in 1989-01-06, running on Nintendo Entertainment System
type: casino/cards
perspective: bird's-eye 1st person other push-scroll fixed camera
player options: single player
languages: eng jpn

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1 player only
NES-KP-USA Casino Kid published 1989-06 by Sofe in the USA
(alternate version) SFL-KP $1,000,000 Kid: Maboroshi no Teikohen/100 Man $ Kid - Maboroshi no Teiou Hen/100万$キッド 幻の帝王編 published 1989-06-01 BY Sofel in Japan
100 Man $ Kid and Casino Kid are two different though related games.
The main character begins with on $500 and arrives at a casino to defeat the mysterious ultimate opponent at poker. But he doesn't even reveal himself to anyone who doesn't have a million dollars in chips. First, the Casino Kid must work his way up the ranks. 8 blackjack players/dealers can be found at the tables. Casino Kid but bankrupt each of them in order until they are all defeated. 8 Poker players are found wondering the floor of the casino and must also be defeated in order. The floor also has waitresses in bunny suits and other players who offer tidbits about different opponents' tells or inform the player where to find said opponents. If the player skips ahead one opponent, they will tell them where to find the previous. Trying to skip ahead 2 or more opponents gets a rude comment. The line of poker players is progressed separate from the line of Blackjack players but both lines must be completed to win $1,000,000 in chips (unless using a hacked password). Each opponent sets different limits and rules about surrendering a hand, quiting the game, or betting it all (player or opponent can do these if allowed at a table). Supposedly opponents get better as you progress through the lines. A password system allows the player to record progress outside of a contest with an opponent. Most opponents force you to play until someone is bankrupt, so there is really no way to save during a contest. Passwords record money and defeated opponents separately, so it is possible to use a hacked password to load an uncompletable game if there is not sufficient money held by the undefeated opponents to add up to one million.

Note that 100 Man $ Kid also included Slots and Roulette. It let the player name themselves and featured a different casino and characters. It also had a 'free' or pratice mode separate from the 'quest' mode like Casino Kid.
(Zerothis) - # 2009-09-13 06:04:53
Technical specs
display: raster
Editor note
The Japanese and US versions differ in a number of points. The Japanese version had an additional Free Mode, enabling the player to chose a game of his liking. It included Roulette and Slot Machine games. NPC graphics are also changed. Not surprisingly the Japanese version is a 2 MBit cartridge, while the US version fit on 1 Mbit.
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Authors / Staff


Fred Ishii (director)
M. Iwamoto (director)
Marie Atake (director)
T. Iga (president)
Y. Yamaguchi (producer)


Natural (cg design)
T. Nomura (cg design)


H. Sugisaka (programmer)
K. Oka (programmer)
K. Takahashi (programmer)
M. Sinohara (programmer)
M. Takahashi (programmer)
N. Saito (programmer)
Y. Kutsuna (programmer)


T. Murai (music)


Sofel [company] (created by)
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Casino Kid (Nintendo Entertainment System)
Casino Kid (Nintendo Entertainment System)
Casino Kid (Nintendo Entertainment System)
Casino Kid (Nintendo Entertainment System)
Casino Kid (Nintendo Entertainment System)
Casino Kid (Nintendo Entertainment System)
Casino Kid (Nintendo Entertainment System)
Casino Kid (Nintendo Entertainment System)
Casino Kid (Nintendo Entertainment System)
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