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Stadium Events

a.k.a. World Class Track Meet / Family Trainer Series 2: Running Stadium / ファミリートレーナーシリーズ2 ランニングスタジアム

published by Nintendo / Bandai in 1986-12-23, developed by Human, running on Nintendo Entertainment System
type: sport
genre: Exergame
series: Family Trainer
perspective: 3rd person
player options: single player, shared-screen
languages: eng jpn

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Personal review
This is the second game in Bandai's Family Trainer Series. You can compete against the computer or a second player in four different disciplines with the special "Power Pad" peripheral. While the game is fun for a short while and features a not so bad 3D effect for its time, only four different disciplines are not enough variety and the controls are very similar in each discipline. On an emulator this game is ridiculously easy due to the fact that pressing buttons on a keyboard is much faster than running on the Power Pad.

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Technical specs
display: raster
Editor note
Bandai created the Family Trainer and sold it in Japan. They created 10 games for it including one called "ランニングスタジアム" (Running Stadium)(1986). This game was renamed "Stadium Events" and packaged with the peripheral, which was also renamed "Family Fun Fitness", and test marketed by Bandai in a limited number of Woolworths departments stores in North America (1988). Nintendo then decided to purchase the North American rights to the peripheral and games. The Renamed them yet again to "Power Pad" and "World Class Track Meet" and recalled the previous packages (1988).
World Class Track Meet and Stadium Events are the exact same game, sold in different packages. The Stadium Events package is the rarest licensed NES game ever be released for public sale with only 10 known NIB (new-in-box) copies and 300-800 used 'in the wild' and has sold for up to $5,600.01.
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