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Saints Row: The Third  THQ (Volition)2011 labelminimizeminimize
Crashtastic Funsmith2013 labelminimizeminimize
Downhill OMG! 2 HD Keys of Nine2013 labelminimizeminimize
Dead_wheels  NestGames2013 labelminimizeminimize
FlatOut 2 Empire Interactive (Bugbear Entertainment)2014As of 2014, there is no "Linux" version of this game. GOG's download for Linux is the Windows version with over 300 megabytes of WINE included. labelminimizeminimize
Trail Blazer Time Machine Bass Flicks2014 labelminimizeminimize
Energy Hook Happion LaboratoriesTBA [media=youtube]R38l287JK_4[/media]***1st-person Oculus Rift mode!
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