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Nekozamurai (猫侍) Human1999Comes on three discs. jplabelimageminimize
Glover Hasbro1999Give the Glove a Hand! A good wizard with magical gloves accidentally mixes the wrong potions. The next thing he knows... KA-BOOM! The explosion sends one of his gloves sailing through the air, and the other flying into a cauldron of evil, and the entire kingdom's power crystals bouncing away like rubber balls. Your challenge - restore the kingdom by returning the gloves and crystals. Guide the good glove and balls through 6 different worlds. Transform them with magical spells to beat enemies, discover secret sections, and crush level bosses. Throw the balls to hit switches, or dribble them up stairs. Encounter bizarre and humorous characters as you solve puzzles and advance from level to level. Have a ball with Glover! labelimagesubject
Saiyuki: Journey West (西遊記;Saiyūki) Koei (KOEI)2001As a young Buddhist monk in China, you've never had much cause for adventure in your sedentary life. Your life becomes very exciting when Lady Kannon, one of heaven's six guardians, suddenly contacts you. Journeying through immense 3D maps, you'll meet up with a host of amazing personalities in your search for the remaining five guardians of heaven. The object of the game is to bring the entire group to India; you'll need all of the magic, weaponry, and reflexes you can drum up.***Based on a popular Chinese myth, Saiyuki, is one of the last great strategy/ RPG's to appear on the PSX. With gameplay similar to Final Fantasy Tactics, Saiyuki tells the story of Sanzo as he makes his way from China to India and back. Both strategy and RPG fans will appreciate Saiyuki's incredible balance between story and gameplay. You'll recruit supporting characters throughout the game, which will help mold your character's skills and abilities. en, jplabelimagesubject
SpongeBob SquarePants: SuperSponge THQ2001Help SpongeBob get some valuable autographs before it's too late! His friend, Patrick Star, would love nothing more than to get the signatures of his superhero idols, Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy, for his birthday. Unless you want the gift to be a belated one, youll have to hustle through level after level of animated action in search of the famous pair. Join classic characters like Sandy Cheeks, Mr. Krabs, and Squidward in this raucous adventure for gamers of all ages. labelimagesubject