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Final Fantasy Tactics Advance  Square Enix2003single playerarasterThe world of Final Fantasy returns to Game Boy Advance! When Marche and his friends, Mewt and Ritz, open an ancient magical tome, their small town of St. Ivalice transforms into a kingdom of swords and sorcery known as Ivalice. To return his world to normal, Marche must join a clan and take up the sword, learn magic and fight his way through dozens of tactical battles. Ultimately, he must unravel the riddle of the crystals, the magical stones that are the key to restoring his home.***One of the best games for the GBA, in my opinion. FFTA is a turn-based Strategy RPG. Think of this as a more light-hearted version of the Playstation Final Fantasy Tactics. The graphics are awesome and there'll be plenty of quests for you to do. The best thing about FFTA is that you can use the Assassin Class! Remember those two pesky Assassins in FFT? Well, now you can be one! Cross the Assassin with the Sniper Class, use Stealth, sneak up behind your enemies and POW! Insant one hit kills! Or you can turn them to stone, I personally prefer to turn them to stone...