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Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar  Origin (Origin Systems)1985labelimagesubject
Swords of Glass Keypunch Software1986labelimageminimize
Knight Games Mastertronic (English Software)1988labelimagesubject
The UnReal World  Enormous Elk1992labelminimizeminimize
Betrayal at Krondor Sierra (Dynamix)1993labelimageminimize
Heirs to Skull Crag  SSI (MicroMagic;SSI)1993labelimagesubject
Lands of Lore: The Throne of Chaos  Virgin Interactive (Westwood Studios)1993labelimagesubject
Anvil of Dawn New World Computing (DreamForge Intertainment)1995labelimageminimize
Amulets & Armor United Software Artists1997labelminimizeminimize
Descent To Undermountain  Interplay (Dragon Play)1997labelimageminimize
Waterworld: The Quest For Dry Land Interplay Entertainment (Intelligent Games)1997labelimageminimize