Emerson Arcadia 2001

Made in USA by Emerson Radio Corporation in 1982
Generation: 2

[Arcadia 2001]
Arcadia 2001 is a second-generation 8-bit console released by Emerson Radio in May 1982, several months before the release of ColecoVision. It was discontinued only 18 months later.
Source: Wikipedia

[Bandai Arcadia]
In 1982, the Bandai Arcadia, a variant of the Emerson Arcadia 2001, was released in Japan by Bandai. There were four Japan-exclusive game releases developed by Bandai.
Source: Wikipedia

The Arcadia 2001 was released officially and as clones in numerous countries under many different names. In UVL these systems are all placed under the Arcadia 2001 platform.

tech info

resolution: 128 × 208 / 128 × 104, 8 colors + background, 4 sprites
memory: 1 KB
CPU: Signetics 2650
GFX: Signetics 2637
sound: 1 channel - Signetics 2637N