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issue 15

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gameplatformreview dateoriginal scorescore %  
FirelordAmstrad CPC1987-0188/10088%
MGT: Magnetik TankAmstrad CPC1987-0187/10087%
ZAmstrad CPC1987-0175/10075%
HeartlandAmstrad CPC1987-0193/10093%
TimetraxAmstrad CPC1987-0165/10065%
ZombiAmstrad CPC1987-0193/10093%
SepulcriAmstrad CPC1987-0168/10068%
OneAmstrad CPC1987-0177/10077%
The ProdigyAmstrad CPC1987-0168/10068%
BugsyAmstrad CPC1987-0141/10041%
The ArchersAmstrad CPC1987-0145/10045%
Beach Head II: The Dictator Strikes BackAmstrad CPC1987-0110/10010%
They Stole a MillionAmstrad CPC1987-0183/10083%
Nosferatu the VampyreAmstrad CPC1987-0188/10088%
City SlickerAmstrad CPC1987-0175/10075%
Icon JonAmstrad CPC1987-0180/10080%
Virgin Atlantic ChallengeAmstrad CPC1987-0126/10026%
Avenger: The Way of the TigerAmstrad CPC1987-0173/10073%
Future KnightAmstrad CPC1987-0173/10073%
KettleAmstrad CPC1987-0158/10058%
180Amstrad CPC1987-0185/10085%
Terra Cognita: The Hollow MoonAmstrad CPC1987-0166/10066%
Pipeline 2Amstrad CPC1987-0170/10070%
ObsidianAmstrad CPC1987-0170/10070%
Croc' Madam'Amstrad CPC1987-0135/10035%
Back to RealityAmstrad CPC1987-0158/10058%
XarqAmstrad CPC1987-0155/10055%
ThanatosAmstrad CPC1987-0194/10094%
InfiltratorAmstrad CPC1987-0147/10047%
Werner: Mach hin!Amstrad CPC1987-0160/10060%
Bobby BearingAmstrad CPC1987-0193/10093%
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