Reviews on C&VG (Computer & Video Games) 1-84

issue 39

average score
gameplatformreview dateoriginal scorescore %  
GhostbustersCommodore 641985-019/1090%
Cliff HangerCommodore 641985-016/1060%
StarbikeZX Spectrum1985-018/1080%
Football ManagerAmstrad CPC1985-018/1080%
Pitfall II: Lost CavernsCommodore 641985-019/1090%
Dodo LairVIC-201985-018/1080%
Mr. Ee!BBC Micro1985-018/1080%
Buzz OffMSX1985-016/1060%
Jasper!ZX Spectrum1985-019/1090%
Felix Meets the Evil WeevilsBBC Micro1985-017/1070%
Battle CarsZX Spectrum1985-015/1050%
TurmoilZX Spectrum1985-018/1080%
Star AvengerAmstrad CPC1985-018/1080%
MicrogoBBC Micro1985-018/1080%
Computer ScrabbleBBC Micro1985-018/1080%
KensingtonCommodore 641985-017/1070%
CluedoCommodore 641985-018/1080%
Knight LoreZX Spectrum1985-019/1090%
UnderwurldeZX Spectrum1985-018/1080%
The Mask of the SunCommodore 641985-0110/10100%
The Mask of the SunAtari 400/8001985-0110/10100%
The Stainless Steel Rat Saves the WorldCommodore 641985-015/1050%
Crystal FrogZX Spectrum1985-019/1090%
Crystal FrogCommodore 641985-019/1090%
French on the RunBBC Micro1985-010/100%
Return of the RingDragon321985-0110/10100%
Return to EdenZX Spectrum1985-018/1080%
Return to EdenAmstrad CPC1985-018/1080%
Return to EdenCommodore 641985-018/1080%
Operation SafrasDragon321985-014/1040%