Reviews on Power Play

issue 33

average score
gameplatformreview dateoriginal scorescore %  
PowerMongerAmiga OCS1990-1282/10082%
Buck Rogers: Countdown to DoomsdayMS-DOS1990-1283/10083%
King's BountyMS-DOS1990-1272/10072%
CorporationAmiga OCS1990-1241/10041%
Centauri AllianceCommodore 641990-1272/10072%
Fountain of DreamsMS-DOS1990-1256/10056%
Wild West WorldAmiga OCS1990-1259/10059%
Supremacy: Your Will Be DoneAmiga OCS1990-1273/10073%
Team YankeeAmiga OCS1990-1274/10074%
Wing CommanderMS-DOS1990-1288/10088%
Stormovik: SU-25 Soviet Attack FighterMS-DOS1990-1249/10049%
Stunt DriverMS-DOS1990-1276/10076%
Days of ThunderAmiga OCS1990-1234/10034%
Days of ThunderAtari ST1990-1234/10034%
Days of ThunderMS-DOS1990-1236/10036%
BadlandsAmiga OCS1990-1267/10067%
BadlandsAtari ST1990-1267/10067%
M.U.D.S.: Mean Ugly Dirty SportMS-DOS1990-1280/10080%
Subbuteo: The Computer GameCommodore 641990-1240/10040%
Subbuteo: The Computer GameAtari ST1990-1242/10042%
Subbuteo: The Computer GameAmiga OCS1990-1242/10042%
3D PoolMS-DOS1990-1259/10059%
Battle Chess II: Chinese ChessMS-DOS1990-1263/10063%
VaxineAmiga OCS1990-1273/10073%
VaxineAtari ST1990-1273/10073%
PlottingAmiga OCS1990-1266/10066%
Spot: The Computer GameMS-DOS1990-1277/10077%
Pick 'n PileAmiga OCS1990-1265/10065%
ExtaseAmiga OCS1990-1263/10063%
LoopzAmiga OCS1990-1275/10075%
LoopzAtari ST1990-1275/10075%
GlobulusAmiga OCS1990-1261/10061%
The ImmortalAmiga OCS1990-1276/10076%
The ImmortalAtari ST1990-1276/10076%
Ranx: The VideogameAmiga OCS1990-1243/10043%
Monty Python's Flying CircusAmiga OCS1990-1243/10043%
Monty Python's Flying CircusAtari ST1990-1243/10043%
Monty Python's Flying CircusMS-DOS1990-1243/10043%
Gremlins 2: The New BatchAmiga OCS1990-1238/10038%
Sly Spy: Secret AgentAtari ST1990-1247/10047%
Paradroid '90Amiga OCS1990-1284/10084%
Paradroid '90Atari ST1990-1283/10083%
The Spy Who Loved MeAmiga OCS1990-1262/10062%
The Spy Who Loved MeAtari ST1990-1262/10062%
The Killing Game ShowAmiga OCS1990-1272/10072%
Saint DragonAmiga OCS1990-1257/10057%
XiphosAmiga OCS1990-1255/10055%
MicrobattleAmiga OCS1990-1215/10015%
Adidas Championship FootballCommodore 641990-1225/10025%
Chuck Yeager's Advanced Flight Trainer 2.0Atari ST1990-1260/10060%
Mean StreetsAtari ST1990-1258/10058%
Mean StreetsAmiga OCS1990-1258/10058%
Das StundenglasMS-DOS1990-1248/10048%
Yolanda: The Ultimate ChallengeAtari ST1990-1218/10018%
Yolanda: The Ultimate ChallengeAmiga OCS1990-1218/10018%
LettrixAtari ST1990-1238/10038%
LettrixAmiga OCS1990-1238/10038%
The Light CorridorAtari ST1990-1231/10031%
Wings of DeathAmiga OCS1990-1275/10075%
Battle MasterAmiga OCS1990-1241/10041%
M1 Tank PlatoonAmiga OCS1990-1280/10080%
Dragon StrikeAmiga OCS1990-1274/10074%
Future BasketballAtari ST1990-1223/10023%
Future BasketballAmiga OCS1990-1237/10037%
The Gold of the AztecsAtari ST1990-1226/10026%
Shadow of the BeastAtari ST1990-1256/10056%
TurricanAtari ST1990-1280/10080%
Bundesliga ManagerAtari ST1990-1278/10078%
Time MachineCommodore 641990-1232/10032%
Greg Norman's Shark Attack!: The Ultimate Golf SimulatorCommodore 641990-1252/10052%
Kick Off 2Commodore 641990-1260/10060%
HellfireMega Drive1990-1284/10084%
Strider HiryuMega Drive1990-1268/10068%
Insector XMega Drive1990-1270/10070%
Legendary Axe IIPC Engine1990-1274/10074%
Gomola SpeedPC Engine1990-1273/10073%
F1 CircusPC Engine1990-1266/10066%
ContraNintendo Entertainment System1990-1284/10084%
Gain GroundMaster System1990-1235/10035%
Space Invaders 90Mega Drive1990-1241/10041%
After Burner IIPC Engine1990-1281/10081%
ColumnsMaster System1990-1263/10063%
Blades of SteelNintendo Entertainment System1990-1276/10076%
Wizards & Warriors X: The Fortress of FearGame Boy1990-1269/10069%
Boulder DashGame Boy1990-1267/10067%
KlaxAtari Lynx1990-1290/10090%
Skate or Die!Nintendo Entertainment System1990-1267/10067%
KlaxPC Engine1990-1290/10090%
PuzznicGame Boy1990-1280/10080%
Cosmo TankGame Boy1990-1262/10062%
KlaxMega Drive1990-1289/10089%
Battle Ping PongGame Boy1990-1244/10044%
Side PocketGame Boy1990-1264/10064%
Bomber BoyGame Boy1990-1282/10082%
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