Reviews on Tilt 39-113

issue 107

average score
gameplatformreview dateoriginal scorescore %  
The ManagerAmiga OCS1992-1116/2080%
PuttyAmiga OCS1992-1116/2080%
Creepy CastleMacintosh OS Classic1992-1115/2075%
Doodle BugAmiga OCS1992-1115/2075%
Jimmy White's Whirlwind SnookerMS-DOS1992-1117/2085%
Ashes of EmpireAmiga OCS1992-1116/2080%
Tiny SkweeksMacintosh OS Classic1992-1116/2080%
StrikerAtari ST1992-1116/2080%
Liverpool: The Computer GameAmiga OCS1992-119/2045%
Crazy Cars IIIAtari ST1992-1116/2080%
Vikings: Fields of ConquestAmiga OCS1992-1113/2065%
Red ZoneAmiga OCS1992-116/2030%
Carriers at WarMS-DOS1992-1114/2070%
Special ForcesMS-DOS1992-116/2030%
The Carl Lewis ChallengeAmiga OCS1992-115/2025%
Birds of PreyMS-DOS1992-1116/2080%
Millennium 2.2MS-DOS1992-1112/2060%
XF5700 Mantis Experimental FighterMS-DOS1992-119/2045%
Curse of EnchantiaAmiga OCS1992-1113/2065%
Utopia: The Creation of a NationMS-DOS1992-1115/2075%
Utopia: The Creation of a NationAmiga OCS1992-1116/2080%
Utopia: The Creation of a NationAtari ST1992-1116/2080%
SpellCraft: Aspects Of ValorMS-DOS1992-1113/2065%
Stone AgeAtari ST1992-1115/2075%
Double Dragon 3: The Rosetta StoneMS-DOS1992-113/2015%
Rex Nebular and the Cosmic Gender BenderMS-DOS1992-1119/2095%
Alone in the DarkMS-DOS1992-1119/2095%
Might and Magic: Clouds of XeenMS-DOS1992-1117/2085%
Ween: The ProphecyMS-DOS1992-1117/2085%
Ultima VII: Forge of VirtueMS-DOS1992-1113/2065%
B.A.T. 2: The Koshan ConspiracyMS-DOS1992-1116/2080%