Reviews on CPC Attack!

issue 3

average score
gameplatformreview dateoriginal scorescore %  
The Addams FamilyAmstrad CPC1992-0894/10094%
Dizzy: The Ultimate Cartoon AdventureAmstrad CPC1992-0860/10060%
Little Puff in DragonlandAmstrad CPC1992-0860/10060%
Spike in TransylvaniaAmstrad CPC1992-0810/10010%
Slightly MagicAmstrad CPC1992-0850/10050%
Seymour at the MoviesAmstrad CPC1992-0880/10080%
Panic DizzyAmstrad CPC1992-0830/10030%
Spellbound DizzyAmstrad CPC1992-0870/10070%
Dizzy Down the RapidsAmstrad CPC1992-0820/10020%
Dizzy: Prince of the YolkfolkAmstrad CPC1992-0830/10030%
Kwik SnaxAmstrad CPC1992-0860/10060%
Bonanza Bros.Amstrad CPC1992-0866/10066%
Crack DownAmstrad CPC1992-0872/10072%
Escape from the Planet of the Robot MonstersAmstrad CPC1992-0886/10086%
Skate WarsAmstrad CPC1992-0856/10056%
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