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Balloon Shooter (バルーンシューター)  Magic Soft (Magic Soft)1983NEC PC8001
Charlie Rainbow Arts (Magic Soft)1991Amiga
Color Midway (カラーミッドウェイ)  Magic Soft (Magic Soft)1983NEC PC8001
Color Pillbox (カラートーチカ)  Magic Soft (Magic Soft)1983NEC PC8001
Ditris Magic Soft1991C64
Ditris Magic Soft (Magic Soft)1990Amiga
Gokiburi Daisakusen (ゴキブリ大作戦)  Magic Soft (Magic Soft)1983NEC PC8001
Icerunner Magic Soft1991Amiga
Prince of Persia  Magic Soft (Magic Soft)1996ZX Spectrum 128
Prince of Persia  Magic Soft (Nicodim)1996ZX Spectrum
Pyramid (ピラミッド)  Magic Soft (Magic Soft)1983NEC PC8001
Quest for The Power Rod  Magic Soft (Magic Soft)1988ZX Spectrum
Slabs  Magic Soft1990Amiga
Think Twice Magic Soft (Magic Soft)1991Amiga