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Army and Strategy: The Crusades  Pied Pipers Entertainment ( Pied Pipers Entertainment)2013Linux
Crusaders: Thy Kingdom Come  Virgin Play;NeoCoreGames (NeoCoreGames)2008Windows
Knights of the Temple (Knights of the Temple: Infernal Crusade)  TDK (Starbreeze Studios)2004GameCube
Stronghold Crusader II (Stronghold Crusader 2) FireFly Studios (FireFly Studios)2014Windows
The Cursed Crusade  Atlus USA;dtp entertainment (Kylotonn Games)2011Windows
The Cursed Crusade Atlus USA;dtp entertainment (Kylotonn Games)2011X360
The Cursed Crusade  Atlus USA;dtp entertainment (Kylotonn Games)2011PS3
The First Templar  Kalypso Media Digital (Haemimont Games)2011Windows
The First Templar Kalypso Media Digital (Haemimont Games)2011X360
The Kings' Crusade Paradox Interactive (NeoCoreGames)2010Windows