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22 Space Monster (Videopac 22;Alien Invaders---Plus!;Le Monstre de l'Espace;Monster;Alien!;Alien Invaders Plus;Envahisseurs Extra-Terrestres!)  Philips;Magnavox;Radiola (Magnavox)1978Odyssey2
3 in 1 - Super Breakout, Lunar Lander and Millipede  ZOO Digital Publishing (Destination Software;Gravity~i)2005GBA
3D Invaders (Invaders)  IJK Software (IJK Software)1983Oric
99'Vaders Stainless Software;Not-Polyoptics (TIPET Programming)1983TI99
A Country Garden  Audiogenic;Supersoft (Audiogenic;Supersoft)?VIC-20
A Q Renkan Awa (A Q Lián Huán Pào;阿Q连环泡)  C&E Soft (C&E Soft)1995Mega Drive
A Steroid  Visual Computing Group (Visual Computing Group)?Linux
A-E (AE;Æ;A.E.)  Brøderbund (Programmers 3)1982Apple II E
Abductor  Llamasoft (Llamasoft)1982VIC-20
Acornsoft Games Pack 1 Acornsoft Limited (Acornsoft Limited)1981Atom
Acornsoft Games Pack 2 Acornsoft Limited (Acornsoft Limited)1981Atom
Acornsoft Games Pack 8 Acornsoft Limited (Acornsoft Limited)1981Atom
Adrenalin  CP Verlag (CP Verlag)1991C64
AeroBirds  Compiuter Soft (Compiuter Soft)2006ZX Spectrum
Aftermath (Missile)  Alternative Software (Alternative Software)1988ZX Spectrum
Aftermath (Missile)  Alternative Software (Alternative Software)1988C64
Air-Defence  Digital Output (Digital Output)?Aquarius
Airport '82  JRS Software (JRS Software)1982ZX Spectrum
Alien  Cascade Games (Cascade Games)1983ZX Spectrum
Alien  ? (?)?Amstrad CPC
Alien (Invaders)  Tronic Verlag (Tronic Verlag)1984C64
Alien Attack  Mr. X (Mr. X)1988Amstrad CPC
Alien Attack  Solar Software (Solar Software)1985C16/Plus4
Alien Attack  Interceptor Software (Interceptor Software)1982VIC-20
Alien Attack (Spy Attack)  Wicked Software (Wicked Software)1987C64