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Blood Storm (BloodStorm)  Incredible Technologies (Strata)1994Arcade
Driver's Edge  Strata;Incredible Technologies (Strata;Incredible Technologies)1993Arcade
Golden Tee '97 (Golden Tee '97 Tournament)  Incredible Technologies (Incredible Technologies)1997Arcade
Golden Tee '98 (Golden Tee '98 Tournament)  Incredible Technologies (Incredible Technologies)1998Arcade
Golden Tee '99 (Golden Tee '99 Tournament;Golden Tee Royal Edition Tournament)  Incredible Technologies (Incredible Technologies)1999Arcade
Golden Tee 2K (Golden Tee 2K Tournament)  Incredible Technologies (Incredible Technologies)2000Arcade
Golden Tee 3D Golf (Golden Tee 3D Golf Tournament)  Incredible Technologies (Incredible Technologies)1995Arcade
Golden Tee Classic  Incredible Technologies (Incredible Technologies)2001Arcade
Hard Yardage  Strata;Incredible Technologies1993Arcade
Pairs  Incredible Technologies;Strata (Incredible Technologies;Strata)1994Arcade
Shuffleshot  Incredible Technologies1995Arcade
Street Fighter: The Movie  Capcom (Strata;Incredible Technologies)1995Arcade
Time Killers  Strata (Incredible Technologies)1992Arcade
World Class Bowling  Incredible Technologies1996Arcade