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Adventures in Math  IBM (IBM)1983MS-DOS
Battleship  IBM1983MS-DOS
Bumble Games  IBM (The Learning Company)1983MS-DOS
Bumble Plot  IBM (The Learning Company)1983MS-DOS
Juggles' Butterfly  IBM (The Learning Company)1983MS-DOS
Mine Shaft  IBM (Sierra On-Line)1983MS-DOS
Monster Math  IBM (IBM)1983MS-DOS
Mouser  IBM (Gebelli Software)1983MS-DOS
One Hundred and One Monochrome Mazes  IBM (IBM)1983MS-DOS
ScubaVenture  IBM (Gebelli Software)1983MS-DOS
Strategy Games  IBM (IBM)1983MS-DOS
Zuran Defender  Zee Programming;IBM (Zee Programming)1983MS-DOS